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Topic: Which Overture Update Do I Want?

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    Which Overture Update Do I Want?

    The Geniesoft website has the latest update for Overture listed as "3.6". The Garritan website has an update listed as "3.5" that indicates it is optimized for GPO. Which one do we use for best integration of GPO/GPO Studio/Overture ?

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    Talking Re: Which Overture Update Do I Want?

    As far as I know, you should use the latest update...they're all 'optimized for GPO'. Mr. Burrell and other beta testers: feel free to correct me.

    By the way, if you're looking to make a purchase, be aware that Overture 4.0 is coming very soon and it's filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies:


    Good luck and happy notating!

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    Re: Which Overture Update Do I Want?

    You want the latest one on Geniesoft's website. Geniesoft is responsible for Overture SE so they have the latest and greatest info. A lot has been changed (made better) since the 3.5 update on the Garritan website.

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    Re: Which Overture Update Do I Want?

    Thank you gentlemen. I figured the latest update should be the one to use, but the language on the Garritan site kind of made me think twice.

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