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Topic: GS3 aux hacky technique (or: is this a bad idea?)

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    GS3 aux hacky technique (or: is this a bad idea?)

    I often wish GS3 allowed quick and easy adjustment of Aux sends from the MIDI mixer. I figured out a hacky way to improve the ergnomics of working with aux busses, and was curious what others thought of this.

    My strategy is to treat outs like groups. Thus, output bus 1&2 can have a certain aux reverb setting, and I can simply route all tracks whom I want to use that reverb setting to output 1&2. (This can be done easily from the "main" window - a.k.a. the MIDI mixer. So if I load a new instrument to a channel and want to switch its reverb situation, I need only adjust its output bus, without having to make a separate visit to the DSP station.)

    I'm curious if a) anyone can think of a reason why this might be a bad idea, b) anyone has a more elegant solution to the problem.


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    Re: GS3 aux hacky technique (or: is this a bad idea?)

    Seems good to me; I don't think the 'group' offers anything not available in the 'input'. The whole 'DSP station' mixer is overkill for me, with the three level mixing board; would rather have good midi!

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