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Topic: Question about mackie hr824's

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    Question about mackie hr824's

    This may seem a silly question, but I've searched all over the macke site and cannot seem to confirm this:
    With the hr624's they have a selectable voltage between 120 and 240V,
    It doesn't seem like the 824's do have this. Can anyone confirm this?

    The main reason is I'd like to get a pair but local prices are exorbitant to say the least.


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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    Hi, I own a pair of Mackie HR 824's.

    They do NOT have the voltage switch on them.

    However, they are a couple of years old. They may
    have made some changes in that time...

    They are fabulous speakers for sequencing/mixing/mastering.

    You will be very happy with 624 or 824 imho..


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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    I can confirm about the switch. I own 824s since 2001 and have not seen this swtich.
    Really like the sound though.



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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    Thanks all.


    Think I'll be going the 624's or event's then.

    The difference between getting the mackie's from the US with 120V to getting them in Australia with 240V is about $800-$1000US.

    Which obviously is enough money that I cannot justify the extra. At least the 624's by the look of it I can import from anywhere without that much difficulty.


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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    Dont buy Events!!!!!

    The 624's smoke all the Event's....


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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    Lets just see what I can get in/to the country then.

    I suppose the genelec 8030's are something to look at too.

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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    What about a voltage convertor? It couldn't cost that much.

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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    No they don't cost that much, i've always been a little bit wary of using anything to modify away from what something is rated to do. I suppose its just easier to blame the vendor is all.

    Oh well, am about to go out and look at genelec's (8030's) and this afternoon will check out a couple more places for hr 824's.

    I wish I could find some reviews I must say on the 8030's with them being new-ish there doesn't seem to be much yet.

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    Re: Question about mackie hr824's

    Well, I got the hr624s

    Now I just need some time to get used to them.


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