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Topic: RMX Light

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    RMX Light

    I been playing with Stylus RMX for a few weeks now, and are really enjoying working with the huge selection of great loops and all the editing possibilities.
    But it's not all happiness.
    Unfortunately I can't use it in all my songs. It is simply too memory hungry.
    You see, I also enjoy creating my own drum seq with another great, but memory hungry plug, DFH Superior.
    Usually I like to add one or two percussion loops from the original Stylus. No problem there. But try doing the same with RMX. Just opening RMX takes almost 200 MB Ram and after auditioning a few loops it starts using even more RAM. That's a lot of Ram for just a 2 MB Conga loop..

    Well, I'm glad I still have my original Stylus installed for these kind of moments, but I miss the workflow and slickness from RMX.
    Wouldn't it be great if Spectrasonics adds a light, low memory hungry version of the plug with the package for the moments you only need one or two single loops.
    Maybe it would be more realistic to think of a "low memory" mode for RMX, where you maybe don't have the live audition option or whatever it is that takes up so much memory.
    Well, just my 2 cents...

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    Re: RMX Light

    No more RAM slots in your computer?

    Can you mobo handle more RAM?

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    Re: RMX Light

    I have maxed out my windows XP comp with 2 GB, but I hit the "out of memory" loft often. That's why I still need and use my trusted old Stylus-orig from time to time. Since you can't buy the old version any longer I think there must be a need for a low memory version or option of RMX.

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    Re: RMX Light

    Something doesn't sound quite right. I have 1.5 gig of ram and can go crazy with RMX. What host program are you using?

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    Re: RMX Light

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Perry
    Something doesn't sound quite right. I have 1.5 gig of ram and can go crazy with RMX. What host program are you using?
    I'm using Cubase SX3, but don't get me wrong.
    Stand alone in Cubase, RMX works like a charm, but I also use NI's Kontakt as my sampler as well as DFH Superior. I also have Stormdrum and a couple of other sample based plugins that I use less frequently.
    This setup was working fine with the old Stylus. 2 or 3 instances typically took up less than 100 MB ram. Plenty of room left for the very memory hungry DFH and Kontakt.
    Now I can not simply replace the Stylus orig. with RMX in many of my older songs, and I often hit maxed out when I play around with auditioning loops in RMX. I believe that RMX in certain instances takes up as much as half a gig of ram for just a couple of loops that may only be 100 MB or less in the old Stylus. I suspect it has something to do with the ability to listen to loops "on the fly", that it takes up so much more ram, but why not have a mode that uses less ram/less features as well.
    In time I'm sure I'll learn to adjust for this, but I really wonder why it uses so much more ram. Of course once XP comes out of the 2 gig program limit, the problem will no longer be there.

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