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Topic: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

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    Midi over Lan and GS3 :<


    Midi Over LAN CP V1.03 doesn't work with giga 3. BSOD or system freeze everytime. It recognises the netport but as soon as you click on the apply button...........

    thats it.

    Which is a bit of a shame

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    What does MusicLab say?

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    ...might have to up it to CP2. I use it with GS3 and it's solid.

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    Hi MTFM,

    I've had similar problems. I never got MOL CP working with GS3 during the demo period. It simply wouldn't receive the midi data over the network. I never figured out what the problem was. I did get GS3 to see the MOL+ midi pipes, but then it couldn't find any of my instruments despite rebuilding the Quicksound database a few times. With MOL+ I believe it's important to install MOL+ after installing GS3. They seem to do things that are incompatible withy each other. I'm still trying to demo FX-Teleport, but Logic won't see the VST instruments, they're in the folder, but Logic (5.51 on Win XP) can't find them. This midi networking thing seems to be a kludge of major proportions. MOL+ worked fine with GS 2.2 in Win ME.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    Try using "Div's midi utilities for windows" . Works fine with gs3 and its freeware. Gives unlimited midi ports; you set up one connection per port, using a tcp port number (I use 5555, 5556, 5557, 5558 etc); use a fixed ip address on each computer's nic adapter; start a program at the gigastudio end, a 'daemon' and a client program at the other end (your sequencer). Mine is automated so I get 4 ports with three keystrokes per computer. These are dos command line programs is the only slight awkwardness for some people.

    this link should work, or use google

    I've posted this information repeatedly, not because I have any interest in it, just because it works simply and well.

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<


    I have GS3 on a dedicated PC and am running MOL CP ver 2 without any problems. I also have XP pro SP1 updated with 1 gig of ram on an p4 3.4 ghz.
    It's been very solid !



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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<


    MOLCP version 1.03 now works. It wasn't MOL problem, it was the hyperthreading thing which I hadn't switched off properly.

    At last after a week of deep stress Ive got GS3 up and running!


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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<


    Do you know 1-If the "midi-utilities-for-windows" would work with Win98? (I haven't yet been able to upgrade my sequencer machine and MOL says it only works with XP) 2-If you know any other link to that program? I can't seem to get the one you posted to work.



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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    midi utilities for windows should definitely work with windows 98, since it is a few years old. Do a google search "div's midi utilities" and you should find a current reference. [edit] and I just checked the link above and it works fine [/edit]

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    Re: Midi over Lan and GS3 :<

    Thanks. Maybe my computer's just blocking it.

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