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Topic: Favorite Christmas recordings?

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    Cool Favorite Christmas recordings?

    OK, we've heard about all the nasty covers of Christmas tunes. So how about your favorite Christmas recordings? A couple of mine:

    Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians "Sounds of Christmas" (was re-released on CD as a 2 CD set, think they called it "Christmas Magic" or something similar). Lots of good stuff, great choral songs, cool natural sound effects, lots of production value. Way ahead of it's time.

    Canadian Brass Christmas CD. Nothing says Christmas like a big 'ol brass ensemble, and these guys can play. Nice recording, too.

    Care to share?


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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    Some of my favorites in the progressive rock style:

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - they have a few CD's. The first is pretty cool.

    Ten Point Ten - 10 25 - This has some really cool arrangements of some traditional Christmas tunes plus some originals.

    December People - These are Christmas songs done in the style of various bands such as Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Kansas, etc.

    Neal Morse-Christmas CD - All original songs that were written to family members and friends over quite a few years. There are various styles of music including an Elvis impersonation, big band piece, choral pieces and a couple kids songs. Neal has played in a band call Spock's Beard. He went solo a couple years ago and has worked with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater.

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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    Quote Originally Posted by mistahamma
    OK, we've heard about all the nasty covers of Christmas tunes. So how about your favorite Christmas recordings? A couple of mine:
    My hands-down favourite is Stan Kenton's A Merry Christmas, which is also a mostly brass affair:


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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    All the Columbia recordings of various orchestras released in the 60's with ensembles such as the NY Philharmonic under Bernstein, Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell, and Philadelphia under Eugene Ormandy.

    "Joy to the World" -NYPhil w/Lenny conducting, the "Fesitval of Carols" w/the Philadelphia Brass Ensemble, and "The Glorious Sound of Christmas" -Philly under Ormandy are the only ones among this bunch that I've found to be released on CD.

    I also the like the current crop from Telarc / Kunzel / Morman Tabernacle et all.


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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    I really like this one:


    Sorry...couldn't resist!
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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    Christmas - Singers Unlimited (Gene Puerling arrangements)


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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    Vince Guaraldi Trio.
    The One I cannot stand to listen to at all is anything by "Manheim Steamroller"

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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    Father Christmas by Emerson Lake And Palmer

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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    I have 3 CDs I have to hear to open the Christmas season:

    Vince Guaraldi Trio “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Not the newer version with others playing, the original. This was one of my first CDs from the mid to late 80s when the cheap CDs were 20 bucks a pop and is still one of my favorites.

    “A Renaissance Christmas with the Waverly Consort” comes next. I like early music and this is great.

    This might sound weird, but I like the Roches “We Three Kings”. Some of it borders on novelty but other songs are very well arranged and very pretty.

    There is a fourth, a CD of Bach Christmas music, but it doesn’t sound like Christmas, it sounds like Bach.

    After that I like the crooners doing the traditional stuff.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Favorite Christmas recordings?

    I simply love that GPO Christmas album . . . And I don't even have it yet!
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