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Topic: Help..I'm in PC Hell

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    Angry Help..I'm in PC Hell

    Oh gosh, where to start without your eyes glazing over.

    I use Pro Tools on a Mac. I sequence there too.

    I have P4 3.2/2g PC for Giga. Connected to Mac with Wavecenter card, via SPDIF. Windows XP Professional. I use the PC only for sample playback.

    Recently I experienced weirdness when I tried to run BFD Drums (pops,clicks no matter what buffer). After extensive tech support from them, they seemed to think something was wacky in the Wavecenter ASIO support. Playing BFD via the internal PC soundcard worked fine, only when I used Wavecenter did it screw up.

    So I decided to get a new card. I got the RME Hammerfall 9652. I'm not a tech (the PC was built for me). But having installed PCI cards, I didn't think it would be a big deal. I installed the card. Everything seemed fine.

    Card locked to SPDIF, etc. But when I opened NI Electric piano, it worked fine, but then quitting it, and going to GIGA, caused any patch I played to sound like a ring modulator was on it. Restart. Open Giga. Plays fine. Open QLSO Gold. Load a flute. Sounds like a ring modulator. And so forth. Seemed like the first app, no matter what I used, worked fine, but when I quit to go to another app, the sci fi sounds began.

    RME Tech support thinks for some reason the ASIO buffer may work for awhile, then get filled up somehow and hence the horror. They said since I had been using Giga uneventfully for months, and GIGA didn't use ASIO, I probably never noticed there was a problem.

    Couldn't get it to work.

    Have to get work done, I'm on a deadline. Removed the RME card. Put Wavecenter back in. PC says there's new hardware, do I want to install a driver. Driver is already there, card is already working. Everytime I start up now, it says "NEW HARDWARE FOUND.' I don't know how to tell it to stop, leave me alone, it's working fine. Plug and play, right.

    AND NOW....two of my internal drives are no longer showing up. I went to launch Giga and the PC correctly pointed out that the internal SATA drives (two of 'em) are not online. I have no idea why, all I did was install, and deinstall, two audio cards.

    Boy the Mac is looking friendly right now.

    1 How do I get my drives back?

    2 Any ideas on the ASIO problem?

    3 The RME tech thought having so many drives, and Promise controller card, was a lot to ask of the PCI buss. I have 5 drives, 3 120 Western Digital SATA drives, one Raptor drive, and whatever the C drive is. He said get rid of the Promise thing and maybe go to Firewire. This is not helping me tonight.

    Thanks for any help....

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    Re: Help..I'm in PC Hell

    It's an INTEL motherboard.

    I had a friend come over who is a bit more PC literate, and what we found was this.

    Two of my 5 drives do not show up. These two are attached to the motherboard.

    The two that are attached to the Promise card are working fine.

    The internal startup drive is fine too, attached to the motherboard.


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    Re: Help..I'm in PC Hell

    Quote Originally Posted by tomhartman
    I'm not a tech (the PC was built for me)
    Well, I´ve read your post over and over again, but I really can´t figure out what is happening. Now, here is your situation: You have a PC that somebody assembled for you, and it is not working properly. If you don´t know what is inside of it, you really should hire a technician to solve the problem, as you did to assemble it.
    But here is my advice: Never let anybody chose the machine you are going to use, never. And this is valid for both Mac and Pc. If you don´t want to learn technical aspects of your machine, then you will always be in hell, no matter machine you are using, because you will always depend on others to solve problems. For example, maybe you never had to buy another soundcard anyway, maybe it was just a hard drive issue all the time (as you just found that some hard drives are not appearing in your system). But without some research will never be able to find this out, and you will just lose money and time. It´s easier to blame the PC for the incident, specially being a mac user, but it is very possible that the guy who made your computer didn´t know very well what he was doing. So, if you decide to assemble computers, do it yourself or stick with Macs only, and pay the price for it.

    My best regards

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    Re: Help..I'm in PC Hell

    1 thing....Always uninstal the drivers form the piece of hardware that your removing 1st, before u add diff. hardware and drivers. Maybe you`ve done this already. Next thing. GS is satanic when it comes to co-existing with other software after u`ve changed drives/soundcards. Ive always had to start fresh with everything. Its the most intrusive bit o` hack programing software I`ve ever dealt with . A nessesary evil when dealing with large samples... unfortunatley i have to use it every week.. . Try doing a clean sweep of alll sound drivers and cards and GS.Then add one by one ending in GS. Good Luck, Rich

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    Re: Help..I'm in PC Hell


    Unfortunately you may need to start "back at square one" if you can't figure out the problem. This would mean:
    - reformatting the hard drive
    - re-installing Windows XP and all required drivers

    Unfortunately with computers, you can get to a point where one really can't figure out specifically what is wrong, just that something IS wrong.

    If you have to reformat/re-install, make sure and make either "System restore" points or backups after each big step.

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