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Topic: MIDI Chase In SX3

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    MIDI Chase In SX3

    Just got GPO (finally).

    Boy is it great (and I have GOS).

    One -minor- problem, though. It seems as though the MIDI modulation chase doesn't work right. ie. when I start playback I often have to twiddle the modulation wheel a bit in order to get a channel to 'wake up'. IOW: it doesn't automatically start playing back @ the current modulation setting until it comes across a modulation MIDI event.

    Anyone else run into this? Suggestions?



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    Re: MIDI Chase In SX3

    No one else run into this?


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    Re: MIDI Chase In SX3

    Hi Suntower - I have to go way back to recall this one... there is a "thing" (i.e feature/bug/issue) in the Kontakt player -- I think others have been seeing this behavior in other sequencers as well. (Actually, this has been around so long, it may have been fixed by now and I don't even know about it).

    I believe most of us are just sticking a CC1 event in the beginning of each channel/track and saving that puppy. You'll be a mod wheel junkie after using this product for a while, so you may as well get in the habit of saving all that automation

    Have fun -- hope to hear you post some ditties soon!

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    Re: MIDI Chase In SX3

    Hi suntower - I have this with SX2, I think this is just the way things are with GPO - not a fault as such. Just set a bar aside with mod wheel (only) part. Alternatively just tweak the mod wheel on the keyboard.

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