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Topic: From the Cool Side - DaVinci's Ornithopter Prepares for Flight

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    Cool From the Cool Side - DaVinci's Ornithopter Prepares for Flight

    Since the days of old, even before Icarus, mankind has dreamed of flying like a bird. In the spirit of thinking ourside the box, Leonardo da Vinci drew sketches of a self-powered flying machine that fly with flapping wings alone and named it the “ornithopter”. Now a team of scientists and engineers attempting to make Da Vinci’s dream a reality.

    James DeLaurier and Jeremy Harris developed an ornithopter as a hobby and later began serious flight tests on engine-powered models. This led to the development of a full-scale aircraft that is recognized by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique International) as the first successful engine-powered piloted ornithopter.

    "The expediency of the ornithopter model as it approaches efficiency will outperform fixed wing aircraft, and will be seen as the natural evolution in flight technology. Flapping flight as a practical means of personal flight may well be developed into an extreme sport that may one day see itself even lauded at a future Olympic Games."

    “The first thing thought of in flight and the last thing left to be done is bird like flapping wing flight. Showcasing this spectacular technology developed by Jim at the 2006 Turin Olympics in Italy, would inspire a new generation of flight enthusiasts and lead to a multitude of advancements in science” says Adam Kushabi of Volo Libero. Adam's team is currently working with the Italian Trade Commission and other fundraisers with the hope of showcasing Leonardo's dream at the 2006 games, five hundred years after he first envisioned this amazing new technology." http://www.physorg.com/news2150.html

    Maybe GPO can be a sponsor for the event. A GPO Convention in Italy in 2006 for the Olympics and the Flight of the Ornithopter.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: From the Cool Side - DaVinci's Ornithopter Prepares for Flight

    That's truly amazing! Leonardo Da Vinci . . .
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Exclamation Re: From the Cool Side - DaVinci's Ornithopter Prepares for Flight

    Truly amazing...

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    Thumbs up Re: From the Cool Side - DaVinci's Ornithopter Prepares for Flight

    What are ya talking about here! The Flintstones had this down way before DaVinci's vision. Taradactile Airlines!
    But seriously folks, my dad, who worked on the development of the airlines you fly in everyday, was a great admirer of DaVinci and his visions. All he had to say about this was ya better eat your Wheaties before y a start flying!

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