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Topic: Loading wav in Gigapulse

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    Question Loading wav in Gigapulse

    Does anybody know, how to import the own wav-files in the Gigapulse convolution? It seems to be a different format and there is no tool to convert it, I can see so far.

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    Re: Loading wav in Gigapulse

    If you have a GSIF-2 card, you can route the wave from your daw through GS3 and back to the DAW (or capture to wave).

    The other way to approach it is to create a distributed wave instrument. You then trigger playback with a single MIDI Note On. See the manual for details.


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    Re: Loading wav in Gigapulse

    If you have raw impulse .wav files, use the New command in the Gigapulse Pro Menu. The instructions are sparse, but I've done it.. only takes a few minutes.


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    Re: Loading wav in Gigapulse

    I think, I found it. Thank you!


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