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Topic: Good Flugelhorn patch?

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    Good Flugelhorn patch?

    Hi there,

    I have been looking everywhere for a good sounding flugelhorn patch in the style/tone of Chuck Mangione.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I can find?

    Thank you for your time,

    Ben Horwood

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    Re: Good Flugelhorn patch?

    Yes, please! My wife has mourned the loss of the EMU EII Flugelhorn for years. She would be thrilled to have it replaced with GIGA samples. While attending college, we lived in Rochester, NY (home of Chuck Mangione and brother, Gap). We went to several of their concerts, Great stuff.

    So, yes ...... please, please .......... a good Flugelhorn!

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    Re: Good Flugelhorn patch?


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    Re: Good Flugelhorn patch?

    I seem to remember a flugel horn included with quantum leap brass. Are you familiar with this library? I believe you can find a thorough review of this written by Bruce Richardson @ prorec.com.
    Hopefully this may be of some help.
    Jason DeWater aka Lickety-Split
    Very busy, yet always unproductive.
    Some of my music is here:

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