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Topic: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

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    GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    If I reformat my computer and reinstall GS3.0... Will I then be able to use the same key and registration, or what it generate a new one?

    Does it make a difference that I am upgrading from XP hoem to XP Pro?

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    Same key, for sure. Same registration? I think so. I've heard that it's based on the serial number of your hard drive, but I've never confirmed it.


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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    Each time you re install GS 3 you must "re- register" unless you have the backup registration from the first time you installed it.

    It's a simple text file you were asked if you wanted to save when you installed GS 3.
    I have the backup registration file, and when I re-installed GS 3 the application said you have to register, but you can then choose the backuped redigstration file and it goes though as a valid key.

    It all should go smooth as long as you have that file, burn it on cd and format your computer. Try first by uninstalling GS and using the backup file. (before formatting the whole computer)

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    Great info... thanks. I have the backup key - but never knew what it was for...

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    I did a very similar thing, and tried to use the backed up registration, but it wouldn't accept it. I'm not sure what the backup registration is used for, but it didn't work for me. Anyway, I did an Internet based registration and that worked. GS3 generated a completely new registration key on the reinstall, but their Internet registration systems seemed to detect that it was being reinstalled on the same hardware and allowed the registration to go through.

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    The backup has worked for me every time. There are pretty good instructions in the interface on how to use it.


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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    I just did all that.
    Be clear : reinstall is no problem with the backup. Reformat IS.

    I reformatted. I dragged the backup to a separate drive. No good . It MUST be burned to a cd.

    Secondly tech support advises that version 3.03 will work with the backup but if you bought the original 3.0 is will not unless you burn the backup to cd.

    We had an awful time. To repeat. Reinstal , no promblem. reformat , be careful and burn a backup first.

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    I have restored the registration backup to a reformatted drive numerous times. It's never let me down.

    Two ways to go:
    1. Backup to the default location and copy that folder somewhere else
    2. Manually make a folder on another drive and backup there

    The backup files are hidden so you have to make sure you copy the folder containing them. Turn on View Hidden Files in Windows to make sure. Also, trying to muck with these files by changing the attributes to make them non-hidden will mess up the registration. Leave them as the are and copy the folder containing them.


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    Question Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    I've installed and re-installed several times trying to get it to work. THe installation creates a new Reg number everytime I run it. When I try to do the backup, it tells me I have to re-register.

    Of course, I just re register, and it seems to go through. I've got like 5 reg keys right now...(?)

    So how do get this backup thing to work if it creates a new Reg Number each time you run the installer...

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    Re: GS 3.0 Re-registration upon reformat?

    You have to complete one registration process and back that up. Then when reinstalling to a clean drive, don't go past the first screen into another registration. From that first screen, restore the backed up registration.


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