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Topic: PC Drive Question..

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    PC Drive Question..

    Is it safe to use a Firewire drive that can bought locally, such as at COMP USA, on a PC running the various GIGA libraries, or do you have to order something special over the net....I know on the Mac the Oxford Chip set is a must for running audio apps. If you ask a Best Buy or Compusa salesperson about the Oxford chip set, their eyes glaze over...


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    Re: PC Drive Question..

    No, nothing special to look for really. Just go with a quality brand like Western Digital or Seagate.

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    Re: PC Drive Question..

    Question for you guys..

    Do Firewire drives work with Giga 2.5? I was talking with someone who tried that setup, but was told that Giga didn't recognize Firewire drives (ie. you couldn't load samples directly from the drive so you'd have to copy to the master drive before using). Is there any truth do that?


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