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Topic: Switching GS3 machine????

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    Switching GS3 machine????

    Hi All,

    I have a situation where I need input and advice. I built an Athlon 64 based system to run GigaStudio 3 and it just plain doesn't work. Either midiover LAN+ doesn't work or it can't find my many .gig files or a kernal driver doesn't load or it doesn't see my GSIF1 card or some combination of the above. Tascam tells me that 64 bit processors are not supported and the techs just don't want to work with me. I asked Tascam if I could switch the registration to another machine (an Athlon 2200+ system) and they said yes you're allowed two reregistrations. Both systems have 400 MHz busses, use PC3200 DDR RAM, both have ATA100/133 busses and 7200 RPM drives.

    Here are my concerns;
    1. The Athlon 2200+ system will have to have it's OS upgraded to Service Pack 2, i.e. put it on the web and do the Windows upgrade. That means it will be on the web and vulnerable during the upgrade process. Should I be concerned about this (the system will be disconnected from the web once the upgrade is done)?
    2. I'll lose some anticipated performance with the slower processor plus I'll be limited to 1 GB of RAM, what level of performance can I expect from the Athlon 2200+ system.
    3. I could upgrade the processor to a faster Socket A processor, would this be worth it? I believe my CPU cooler is limited to Athlon 2600+.
    4. Are there issues running Logic 5.51 on an Athlon 64 system with Windows XP service pack 1 or 2?

    Your thoughts, concerns or red flags raised will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    Hi Steve,

    Would you mind posting your A64 system specs? I'm considering building an A64 system, and have some fear about hitting the same dead-end that you've expereinced. Aside from the "not-supported" thing, the AMD solutions are much more desirable than the Intel solutions right now.

    I'm running a 2500+. It's not bad, but it's not ideal. I can run a couple of instances of GigaPulse okay. GigaPiano II generally works, but I can overwhelm it if I go poly-mad. A faster processor will certainly help.

    I'm hoping to go with an Asus A8V, an A64 3000+, OCZ Platinum Rev 2 RAM (for overclocking), and my trusty MIA. Please tell me that's not similar to your system.


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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    Hi Jon,

    My system is based on the Gigabyte K8N family of motherboards. Since NVidia's chipsets seemed to do so well with Athlon XP systems I expected similar success with the A64 platform. Twas not to be.

    Thanks for the information on your 2500+ system.

    At this point I'd ask those who have successful A64 systems running GS3 to post what's working.


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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    Check out the thread about systems that WORK. The sixth post is similar to the system that I will build - same motherboard, chip family and video card. I'll use my MIA, rather than RME, and I'll go with some top-rated OCZ RAM.


    For motherboards, the MSI nForce3 is fast, but I've read about some problems, and it has a chipset fan. Asus will release a new nForce4 board soon with PCI-Express and SLI, but it has a fan, and it focusses on fast video for gamers. I'll go with the Asus A8V Deluxe Rev 2 and its VIA chipset.


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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    Thanks Jon, my Athlon XP 2200+ system just happens to have an.... Asus A7V8X motherboard. Good to know it will work for GS3. I'm still waiting on Logic folks
    who've tried A64 systems. Yikes!

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    You could stick with your current boards and go with an Athlon XP 3000 or 3200 with either a 333 or 400fsb.

    I can open 6 gigapulses with an 3000xp barton.

    I'm sure with the 64bits out the prices of the Bartons should be quite affordable. There's not a lot out there that supports the 64bit right now.

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    Re: Switching GS3 machine????

    An FSB 400 will sync with a RAM at 3200...

    With a FSB333 your RAM3200 will run at 333Mhz...

    I would recommend an Athlon 3200+ in box. The right fan and a real warranty from AMD.

    I’m not sure we need to upgrade to SP2 for audio.
    And I won’t.
    Considering all troubles I heard about the SP2, and the fact that I never put (and don’t need) the web on my audio PCs...
    I’m not even sure that Tascam support it. No mention of it in the doc.

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