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Topic: Adding a third Giga puter - suggestions

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    Adding a third Giga puter - suggestions

    Hi there,

    I think I am reaching my limit on what I can have loaded up for my orchestral template on the two gigas I have plus some Kontakt on the SX computer.

    I have 2 giga lightpipe puters connected to my SX puter - using RME 96/52 soundcard. Both Gigas are using Gina Cards (lightpiped).

    The RME card in my DAW (SX) has 3 lightpipe i/o's (2 for the ginas and 1 for the Tango A/D converter)

    Can you make recommendations on what would be the best way to add a ‘third giga computer’. Is there a way we can go to the gigabit switch and FX Teleport for transmitting both audio and midi over the LAN (we wouldn’t then need to replace the RME card on the SX computer and even need a new one on the new 3rd giga)

    I heard that the midi is somewhat problematic but that a combination of MOL and the gigabit (for Audio) works, but I don’t know.

    Just looking to set up with a 3rd giga the best (and least costly way) possible. Many thanks.


    (I use a Tango A/D converter for live input recording and monitoring the giga stuff.)
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Adding a third Giga puter - suggestions

    Any ideas?
    Rob Elliott Music

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