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Topic: Anybody has experienced..

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    Anybody has experienced..

    Hi its My right here..
    and i am a Cubase Sx user and Kontakt. Because I didnt purchase GigaStudio or the other one.. so i buy my Giga soundlibrary and then with CdXtract, I convert them to Kontakt. Lately I got the "Malmsjo Acoustic Grand Piano" and after i convert them, i open Cubase Sx and load one piano program in Kontakt. Then i'm trying to play the piano and thru the whole range of the piano i find out that there is alot of note that doenst play, no piano sound in those keys.. but there is sound in the lower notes.

    Is anybody experienced that or hear or have use this piano library.. any feedback will help for sure.
    Tank you again for your time and happy holidays to all of you. All the best


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    Re: Anybody has experienced..

    Try the conversion directly in Kontakt. Do you have version 1.5? If so install 1.5.3. The GIG conversion is pretty good. Patches that crash Chickensys Translator convert fine right inside Kontakt, and I've found the results to be pretty good. For something as straightforward as a piano lib you shouldn't have any problem. One thing to watch out for is Kontakt will convert the sample rate of samples to whatever rate your soundcard is using at the time. E.g., if you open Kontakt running at 48Khz and convert a GIG containing 44.1Khz samples, the converted samples will be 48Khz. If those samples have loop points, your loops won't make any sense! On the plus side I use the resampling to my advantage. I work at 48Khz mostly, and I found after some simple testing that 44.1Khz samples converted to 48Khz at conversion time in Kontakt produce slightly less frequency aliasing than running those 44.1Khz samples within a 48Khz SONAR project (runtime conversion). At least for the couple of libs I tested (QL 56 strat and I think the Rejkevics alto sax). I used CE2K to look at the spectral plot similar to this: http://www.simonv.com/music/quality

    Happy Converting!

    - Keith

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    Re: Anybody has experienced..

    Hey Keith!

    How are you doing? I first want to thank you so much for taking the time and answer. I'm gonna try this because its more with this sound lib. because i wanna use this piano and i'll try only with this. I have one more question if you can help me on this. I notice one thing when i extract .gig files with CdXtract, if the .gig file was lets say 1 gig (size ) and rthen when i open in Cdxtract and after i convert the file to Kontakt, they become very big iehter sometimes because insid there are Programms right, so it become massice library almost 4 gig or so. I wads wondering if by converting directly with Kontakt, is the result will differ or i will still have big size library because Giga use their own compression?

    Thank you so much.. appreciate and happy Hoolidays

    All the best


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