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Topic: DP4.5 and Atmosphere

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    DP4.5 and Atmosphere


    tried it to work with it, but no luck!

    The installation did work and Atmosphere is working with Garageband but not with DP4.5?! My other stuff like NI and so on no problem, is this a known problem? I am on OSX.3.6, ...

    thx, imusic

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    Re: DP4.5 and Atmosphere

    works perfect with DP4.5 on my setup. Actually seems a bit more CPU efficient than with DP 4.12 as well.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: DP4.5 and Atmosphere

    I am using the latest build 1.2.1 AU. All my other AU are in the plug ins folder too, do I have to do something special with Atmosphere to have it running inside of DP?

    thanx for your help, anyway!


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    Re: DP4.5 and Atmosphere

    If you go to Project > Add track > Instrument track...Is Spectrasonics Atmosphere listed there?

    If it is, can you select it and will an instrument track appear on your mixer and tracks window? Then you need to assign a midi track output to that Atmosphere instrument track.

    If it is NOT listed in the Project > Add track > Instrument track location...got to your MOTU Audio Units cache and put it in the trash. Delete the trash, reboot and the next time you start Performer...it will rescan for your audio units and find the "Atmosphere AU.component" in the Library > Audio > Plug-ins > Components folder.

    And also if you have put the Atmostphere sound library .dat file in another location other than that same folder, you need to have an Alias of the "Atmostphere.dat" file in the Library > Audio > Plug-ins > Components folder as well.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: DP4.5 and Atmosphere

    trashed the prefs and it's working now!

    thanx for helping Brian!!!


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