Hi everybody! its My right here..

I;'m a Kontakt user and i'm running under Cubase Sx 2. 03 something. Because i dont have Giga Studio, i than buy my giga sound library and convert them to NKI format with CdXtract. And i notice that sinc i've been doing that, my extracted file become either 2 or triple the size of the orignal .gig file. wich is normal because Giga have their own compression. My question is how can i do to do not increase so much space to my hardrive, i mena is there a way that i can do and no double or triple the size of the converted flibraries? Isf i convert the giga file directly with Kontakt, is gonna save me some space or it won;t change anything?

Thank you very much for your time, appreciate it
Happy holidays to all of you and allt he best.