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Topic: giga and cubase on one pc

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    giga and cubase on one pc

    hello, I'm trying to make my studio portable. Is it possible to have giga and cubase working together on the same pc. no one I know is able to do it and have stability. thanks

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    Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    it is possible...!

    what's your pc specs ?

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    Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    I'm hoping to get them both on a lab top, but I heve not bought it yet. It's the 'Professional M2' by MusicXPC
    - intel pentium 4HT processor with 512K cache
    -Intel 865PE+ICH5 chipset
    -800Mhz fron side bus
    -1GB DDR400RAM (expandable to 2GB)
    -60GB 7200rpm system drive
    -60GB 7200rpm audio drive
    -microsoft windows XP proffessional
    -3 USB ports
    -1 firewire port; 4-pin;TITSB43AB21

    I don't think this relevant but here it is;
    -1 gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps LAN port
    -VGA output with256MB DDR memory and S-video tv-out
    -ultra AGP 8x/ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 Pro
    -17" lcd 1680x1050
    -AC'97 2.2; virtual 6 channel output
    -1 microphone input, 1 S/DIF output, 1 headphone/speaker output
    -1 parallel/LPT1 port, ! ps/2 por-internal 802.11b/g mini PCI wireless LAN spec
    - ect. . .
    Thanks for the advice

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    Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    I'm fairly new to all this, but have SX and GS3 running nicely on one machine. Lots of people are doing this now I believe. I put in 1-2 hours daily and it seems pretty solid...it isn`t as easy and flexible as using Kontakt, but Kontakt isn't the sampler GS is.

    After quite a bit of thought, I chose to go with a desktop in a rackmount case, coupled to a 15 inch LCD display. I have a decent twin head ATI video card and so I can go with 2 displays at home...nice if you have an extra monitor lying around. My setup is more akin to the old "luggable" style Compaqs of yesteryear (anyone remember that stuff??). The #1 advantage is that you get a LOT more flexibility and choice in components, plus more bang for your buck. You're going have your audio card, hard drive and heaven knows what else to box up and haul around...maybe you're better to have it all in one case to begin with? I also spoke with a couple of systems guys I work with as well, and both suggested there is probably more durability in a properly cased desktop machine...plus the cost to repair is much lower and you can more readily do it yourself.

    All this aside, sounds like that processor has the power you'll need for Gigapulse...good plan...you can`t have enough. Hope this helps rather than confuses!

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    Red face Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    Doh! Missed the lab top...not an expression I have heard before. Looking more closely, its clear you are thinking desktop, so you are on the right track. There is a ton of good info on this forum on recommended motherboards, etc. if you search around a bit.

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    Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    sorry, I meant laptop. I hoping to be able to get Giga and Cubase( or Nuendo) onto the laptop I described above. I think your right about just getting a good case for a desktop . thanks

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    Re: giga and cubase on one pc

    If you go for a rack mount case, have a good look around. The one I have (I think it is made by APC) is super heavy (steel) and very long. The damn thing won`t fit properly in my rack case due its length! Worth spending some time to find a good one...good luck.

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