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Topic: GPO Licence

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    GPO Licence

    Dear Garritan Folks. I appreciate you have probably been asked this many times before, regrading licences, I have GPO installed on my laptop and my desktop. As it happens I've just purchased a new Dell - does my GPO licence allow me to install it on my 3rd PC? Cheers, CeeDee

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    Re: GPO Licence

    Traditionally only 2 installs are permitted per license. You should contact Gary privately via email and see what can be done to obtain another license for the new computer.

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    Re: GPO Licence

    Hi CeeDee ,

    here is how it works ,
    from NI's site >>>

    "I have used up my two authorization keys, but need another authorization key since I got a new computer (or changed relevant parts of my existing computer system).
    No problem. On the “Manage Registrations and Authorizations” page you can deactivate system IDs that you no longer need. Once you’ve deactivated the old system ID you can then authorize a new system ID. Please be aware that a deactivated system ID cannot be used again. That means you cannot authorize the product again on the computer with the deactivated system ID. Using the product on a computer with a deactivated system ID is not allowed by the license agreement. How to deactivate a hardware profile/system ID is explained in our new deactivation help... "

    >> https://www.nativeinstruments.de/ind...yprotection_us


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