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Topic: GPO or EWQLSO for Pop/RnB/Electronica?

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    GPO or EWQLSO for Pop/RnB/Electronica?

    As I don't do symphonies I'm not sure which one to choose. Otherwise I'd gone for "Gold" straight away. But I know the samples are recorded with ambience. Would that be a problem ?
    I mostly do this commercial, punchy, in your face sort of music. So, too much reverb would bring the e.g. strings too far back, or ?

    GPO doesn't have a reverb which is a plus, Gold has tons of articulations, but Silver has both a nice piano and choir.... Hmmm.... too many choices

    Does anyone have experience using GPO or EWQLSO gold/silver in these styles?

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO for Pop/RnB/Electronica?

    Accckkkk. Here we go. Runs, ducks, and hides from the flames.

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO for Pop/RnB/Electronica?

    Ok, how about this then:
    Personally I'm using VSL but my 18 year old nephew would like to know.........(read post above)

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO for Pop/RnB/Electronica?

    I haven't heard a lot of 'pop/RnB/electronica' done with any of them. But for some ideas of what GPO sounds like in similar settings you could try the following links.




    Maybe these will give you some idea. Maybe some Silver/Gold users can give you some links with which to compare the libraries.

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