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Topic: Sergei Rachmaninoff is alive!!

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    Sergei Rachmaninoff is alive!!

    If you find this CD : Sergei Rachmaninoff - A Window in Time edited by Telarc Digital. Buy it!!! Don't doubt a while!!!

    This wonderful CD recovers old piano rolls recorded by Sergei Rachmaninoff using modern restoring techniques developed by a NASA engineer from the Jet Propulsion Lab. This man creates some kind of intermediate file (may be MIDI) form the original rolls to drive a gorgeous electro-mechanic Bossendorfer Grand.

    Piano rolls are basically a film full of holes which are read by old pneumatic pianos. The degree of detail contained in these rolls is amazing, been able to reproduce even complex pedaling techniques. This man has developed a technique to scan and restore the rolls, and mathematical models to translate the mechanical response from those old pneumatic pianos to the modern solenoid actuators.

    The result speeks by itself. Its really amazing. I can't even know how much feeling was contained in the original performances, but there is no doubt that this record contains much of it.



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    Re: Sergei Rachmaninoff is alive!!

    I didn't think piano rolls could duplicate dynamics. Is it all one velocity, or is the velocity programmed by the producer according to the sheet music? That's half the expression!

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