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Topic: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

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    Smile new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Hi all,

    I made this new composition for a TV show. I used VSL 1st edition (amongst others).
    Advices and feelings are welcomed!

    You can download it here (you'd better use "save target as...") :



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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Some of the most fantabulous string work i've ever heard
    from a sample library to be quite honest.

    It could be more in your face when the beat hits, but
    thats more just opinion, and nitpicking.

    Great great stuff.


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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Great work.. what did you use for the beat?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Sounds real nice, but to me it's almost TOO dry. It's begging for at least a little Lexicon reverb. I'm not talking wash it out, but give it at least some small room reverb. I said Lexicon, because to me, it's the highest quality of its kind.

    Nice comp though!


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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Many thanks for your nice comments (TK, you make me glowing red) !

    I used Stylus for the beat (with a little MIDI editing though).
    As for the reverb I used Waves Trueverb (of which I'm not a real fan).
    I know reverb is more present in real life situations so you're right when you say it's too dry, Jared. Furthermore it could give a smoother overall sound.
    I must confess I intentionally mixed it very dry though. I wanted to preserve the presence and the punch of the mix , be it a little bit too tough. And I must say I like very much that dry VSL sound. Another reason is that I had no Lexicon (I love those verbs) at that time


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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Yeah, this is a great cue. I like your use of various playing techniques on the VSL strings. Really makes for an exciting piece. Keep up the great work!

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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Hello MichaŽl!

    How are you doing? It 's My right here. I'm also a soundtrack movie maker an d let me tell you that i really like this piece. Very nice. I love the fact that it is dry but just a little touch of Verb won't be bad.. it will give that extra hype and dark side of it, mysterious u know. Do you Use Vsl with Giga or woring with wich sequencer? Because i guess that to get those expression that well u have to use those Vienna stgring with Giga no? Let m e know be intrested on hearing how you work with ok!

    Keep the good work.. very nice again



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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Good stuff. I actually like it on the dry side myself. Gives it a little extra edge.

    Just curious... how long (total hours) did this creation take, from concept to product?

    - Keith

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    Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Thanks for your great feedback, guys!

    My: I used indeed VSL on Gigastudio 2.5. Everything was sequenced and mixed on Cubase SX2. I made some use of the Performance Tool for legato playing and alternate bowings. No use of the repetition patches though.

    Keith: I must confess I can't really tell you because I wrote it as a part of a little serie of short pieces. Let's say it took 3 days ?


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    Thumbs up Re: new composition (made with VSL 1st edition)

    Very nice ! I loved the strings and the articulations .

    The dryness is nice too , i think it suits the mix well since it's not intented to be orchestral but more modern.

    Keep it up
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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