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Topic: re EW Gold .. any MW control?

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    re EW Gold .. any MW control?

    I'm new here and help woul d be appreciated. Can anyone tell me if any of the instruments in the Gold library offer mod wheel control of volume/expression ?
    The group buy looks great but the MW is important to me.
    Thanks Adriann

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    Re: re EW Gold .. any MW control?

    Yes they do.
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    Re: re EW Gold .. any MW control?

    That's good news for me. I checked the site for ewql and I still can't find info related to that.
    Would you happen to be able to tell me a little more....even in general terms?
    ie do most of the different instruments , for example violins and say french horn as another, offer 1 articulation with mw ?
    I guess it's sort of obvious but any more info would be really helpful.

    I'm used to seeing, with other libraries typically some sustain articulations and then at least one that offers mw for each instrument.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: re EW Gold .. any MW control?

    Go to the East West part of NS and lolok up the thread "I might want to out together the suggested pdf" or something to that effect.
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