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Topic: Bach, BWV 1067, Bourrée 1

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    Bach, BWV 1067, Bourrée 1

    A little experiment in building ensembles (Solo Flute, 6 Violins I, 3 Violins II, 3 Cellos, 1 Solo DoubleBass, the Harpsichord doubles Bass and takes the Viola part to fill the ensemble).


    Cheers from Italy,
    :-) Chin@blu

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    Re: Bach, BWV 1067, Bourrée 1

    Very nice indeed Chinablu. Your presentation makes an interesting comparison with Poolman's. I think that your reverb is closer to what you would hear in a church, or what have you, but no doubt others would beg to differ.....


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    Re: Bach, BWV 1067, Bourrée 1

    That's really nice work. These suites are among my favorites.

    I've also been experimenting with small string groupings instead of the ensemble voices. They sound more convincing for intimate baroque pieces.

    This must be Bach day. I noticed that Poolman posted Brandenburg #6, 3rd movement ("Do you like violas"). I posted BWV 1049. Is it that we are all done with our competition entries and having some fun now?

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    Re: Bach, BWV 1067, Bourrée 1

    Thank you, folks :-)

    My little excerpt from Bach's Suite isn't as colourful as a Wendy Carlos rendition, for sure: I just put the notes in Logic step-by-step and the piece crudely sounds as written (only a bit of rallentando has been added at the end). But I was once more surprised by GPO: one can really render almost everything in an appropriate style, from ancient music to contemporary.

    billp --> To my opinion, baroque music is a good point to start from, partly because of the limited number of players involved, partly because the contrapuntal, somewhat "mechanical" texture of that music makes it less difficult to control the secondary parts rather than a Mahler's symphony. But being myself insane enough, an attempt to render in GPO Franz Schubert's Tenth Symphony (as reconstructed by the musicologist-composer Brian Newbould) has been made last week. I must review some details, but I hope to post it here on next two or three weeks (it depends on my free time, as it happens in many parts of the western world...) :-)

    Thank you again,

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