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Topic: Anyone using Audiophile 192 for GS3

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    Cool Anyone using Audiophile 192 for GS3

    I am thinking of getting the Audiophile 192 card as a replacement for my terratec EWS88D card, for now. Once Terratec updates their drivers I'll reuse those cards on the second PC that hopefully by then I'll have built. I eventualy want to have a GS3 dedicated PC.

    Anybody using this card Audiophile 192, and what do you think of the card. This card has GSIF2 drivers, and everything seem to be up to date, and its only like $180

    Thank for any info on this

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    Cool Re: Anyone using Audiophile 192 for GS3

    Anybody using the Audiophile 192 card

    Somebody out there has to have this card.

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