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Topic: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

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    Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    Does anybody have any feedback or review of this set of lessons? I've seen a bunch of discussion, but no feedback from anybody who's bought it. Here's a link for reference:


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    Re: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    Hmmm, no comments. I assume that means that nobody's using this training method? I guess that in itself is informative about the product.

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    Re: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    I just recently purchased this course, but I haven't started the lessons yet.

    However, I have skimmed the course and I think it is easily worth the money. Given there are 32 lessons, some scores, and QuickTime string technique movies, I look at this like a college course.

    In the brochure, Peter A. assumes people can complete the course in 2-3 months:

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    Re: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    I've been going through the course also, and would agree that it's well worth the money. It will be especially informative if you're completely green when it comes to string technique. If you already have some experience, it will serve as a comprehensive reference and help you focus in on and practice using particular techniques. In either case, to get the most out of the course, and assuming you read music well, I'd highly recommend getting recordings and study scores of as many of the pieces referenced in the course as you can---beyond the listed specific course requirements.

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    Re: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    That's excellent, thanks. I'm going through Applied Harmony 101 right now. Peter said in a previous post that should be enough background for this course. Do you all agree?

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    Re: Writing for Strings/LMB Level 1

    Yea, I have it as well. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, however you look at it), I've been too busy to be able to sit down with it, and do any real work with it.

    But I agree, it looks great, and I do think there is a lot of merit to it, especially if your skill level on that front is somewhat limited.

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