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Topic: OT: A New Piece...My First NS Submission

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    OT: A New Piece...My First NS Submission

    Hi all.

    Well, the time has come...after buying my libraries through advice on this forum and from other friends, and experimenting for a long time, I am finally deciding to take the plunge and offer up a short piece, a march from what will be a longer work. Download it here:


    Please keep in mind that I am new to sampling, and I realize that there are most likely some rough areas. I also havent added any overall reverb as I really dont know which to add. Still, I hope the composition itself is enjoyable. Thank you for listening!


    Also, please feel free to visit www.kuklamusic.com which houses live performances of my work. Thanks again!
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: A New Piece...My First NS Submission

    Sounds good, Steve. The cymbals near the open sound exactly alike. You might try some velocity changes to give them each a slightly new sound. And for my taste, use them softer and allow some to ring. I'm not sure if you wanted to use the damped cymbals or its an accident.

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    Re: OT: A New Piece...My First NS Submission

    Thanks for the reply! I will do the velocity changes...didn't think of that. I do want the dampened cymbals, yeah. Reminds me of Prokofiev a bit, which is what I was going for... Prokofiev/early Stravinsky...

    Thanks so much for listening.

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: OT: A New Piece...My First NS Submission

    Nice work! I know you probably didn't intend for this, but the whole part from 0:20 through 0:50 is perfect Japanese RPG music. I really like the blending of the horns near 1:09. Just put those rapid trumpet passages back in... Those really added a lot to the piece.
    Sam Hulick

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