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Topic: Registration/Native Instruments

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    Question Registration/Native Instruments

    I just bought GPO,tried to register through MSN, got blocked.
    I downloaded Mozilla at their request, tried again, got blocked.
    In both cases the password I chose was rejected.
    I E-Mailed their registration dept, got no reply
    I called support/ registration, line was always busy.
    When I did get through, I was told there was no one to answer the phone.
    I then downloaded the registration form and faxed it, still no reply.
    This is the first time I've ever bought a program outright, and was told I would be chopped off if I didn't register in 30 days. I have 21 days left.
    I hope Native instruments isn't as bad as Tascam. This sucks.
    Any advice ?

    Dave Woods dave.woods@verizon.net

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    Re: Registration/Native Instruments


    You might try using Internet Explorer, and turn the "protection level" down for your one-time registration.

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    Re: Registration/Native Instruments


    I had similar problems with registration of Kompakt and Kontakt. I ended up using an older version of a Netscape Communicator 4.75 to register.


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