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Topic: OT: discounted Smalley seminar

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    OT: discounted Smalley seminar

    I know there are a lot of fans of the Scott Smalley seminars on this forum. For those who are unaware, next April's seminars have been scheduled and are $100 off if you purchase before Dec. 10th.

    The Art, Craft, and Technology of Contemporary Orchestrating for Film and Television
    LA: http://www.theindustrystore.com/losanarcrand.html
    NY: http://www.theindustrystore.com/newyoartandc.html

    $195 for the one in LA sure sounds like a great deal. Anyone else thinking of attending?


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    Re: OT: discounted Smalley seminar

    I`m gonna check out the one in N.Y.C.....anyone here been to one? Rich

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