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Topic: Giving the gift of creativity

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    Giving the gift of creativity

    I had an interesting experience recently I thought you guys might relate to. A friend of mine has a son who's passion in life is plants, particularly exotic things like orchids and small versions of things that look like they should be in Little Shop of Horrors. His 16th birthday came up a couple of weeks ago, and I was trying hard to think of what to get him. Then I realized that other than surfing the web, he found computers tedious. However, having a software background, I knew he really needed a customized database to keep up with all his Elvish activities and nine gazillion plants.

    So, I spent some time in Access and, with the help of his father (who understands plants much better than I) put together tables, data entry forms, reports, etc. to build a database system completely customized to his needs. I figured his reaction might well be "great, socks and underwear", but to my delight he was very excited about what the tool could do for him. He liked having good tools - he just didn't have the desire to learn how to be a programmer or dba in order to get the horsepower out of his computer that he needed.

    How does this relate to GPO folk? Well, with Christmas coming up, people often spend hours wandering around shopping centers trying to figure out what to buy people for a gift. Although it's true that to some people, it's not really a gift unless it's bought at a store, for many that's not the case. For those people, it truly is the thought that counts. Have you considered how much it would move some of the people who are close to you if, as a Christmas gift, you instead gave something truly personal - your own creativity?

    We take music composition for granted - it's normal for us. However, to a lot of people out there, it's just short of magic. And if you composed a song just for them, something that touched on a theme dear to their hearts, just imagine what it would mean to them. It's a gift that no store could ever match.

    Anyway, just a thought I wanted to pass along now that we're in the midst of the holiday season. The next time you're fingering your credit card and trying to decide what purchase might move someone the most, consider putting it back in your pocket and reaching for something truly special - the time, thought, creativity and feeling you possess to create beautiful music. It could well be the gift of a lifetime.

    Oh, yeah - and happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!
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    Re: Giving the gift of creativity


    What a wonderful idea! Though, I suspect we have all done this at some time or another - mainly those times when we are really poor!

    But I agree - sometimes those gifts of the heart are the ones that seems to last in memory after the sweaters have been outgrown, the little nick-nacks broken, your music and the gift of that music will still be a fresh and cherished memory.

    This thread has gotten me into the holiday mood! THANKS

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    As Jerry mentioned, I have in the past given music of mine as a gift with much appreciation from the receivers. It is a nice idea.

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