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Topic: Tchaikovsky Variations

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    Tchaikovsky Variations

    Tchaikovsky’s Theme and Variations from Suite No.3 for full orchestra is one of the composer’s finest works in my opinion. Every kind of variation technique and orchestration are explored, and the gentle opening theme built up bit by bit into a scintillating finale.

    Here’s my GPO rendering of it: you can hear the Theme and 12 Variations complete (17 mins.) or just the brilliantly exciting Polonaise-Finale (5 ½ mins.)


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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Sorry - I put up a dry (trial) version before.

    I have replaced it with the reverb version. Original links will work.

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    Angry Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Woe, I don't know what happened! The link locked up on my twice. I don't think I have enough ram space on this old laptop to download this large of a file. I'll have to try at home.
    Dang it!

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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    I'm sitting here listening to this and enjoying the heck out of it. I'm wondering how you go about creating this. I think I remember you use SONAR, but do you use a notation program to enter/render the midi. The expression/dynamics are fantastic and I know that SONAR's staff view is pathetic in this regard...I know because I use it for almost all of my work (except the fiddle part on Larry A's duelin' banjos).

    Nice work.

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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    I would never use Sonar's staff view to enter anything primarily. I enter everything from MIDI keyboard, trying for good velocity as I go along; then I go back a second time to work the mod wheel. Pedal I do live maybe, more likely this is when I use the staff view: to enter pedal marks for legato. Why all this and not three in one as recommended? Because I'm an old man and can no longer do three things at once.


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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Quote Originally Posted by Poolman
    Sorry - I put up a dry (trial) version before.

    I have replaced it with the reverb version.
    Ah, I wasn't going to say anything

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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Fred, I put in an extra bit of reverb, just for you.

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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Well, I'm listening again...Is that a timpani roll I hear toward the end? I'm probably nit-pickin' here, but what I'm hearing sounds a bit unnaturally staccato. I've had a lot of trouble with this myself and was unable to get a natural-sounding roll, even when alternating the "hands". Has anyone figured this out? I'm talking hear about extended rolls, not brief flourishes.

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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations

    Thanks for sharing these! They are truly wonderful. Tchaikovsky was brilliant, and you were able to capture it all with GPO superbly! I love it!
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    Re: Tchaikovsky Variations


    Yes, it's a long timp roll. I'm not happy with it either, and I had a lot of trouble with it. I do think the GPO timps could be better, and I'd especially welcome recorded rolls.


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