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Topic: PDQ Bach - my worst ever :)

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    PDQ Bach - my worst ever :)

    I copied this by ear and started on it Friday. Larry G. is the one that caused me to do something with brass, and he doesn't even know it... it's not his fault
    This piece was written and arranged by none other than PDQ Bach's Peter Schickle.
    It's on the WTWP Talkity Talk radio CD.
    Hold your ears...


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    Re: my worst ever :)

    Man that's horrible

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    Re: my worst ever :)

    PDQ Bach is so funny . . . nice brass rendering though!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: my worst ever :)

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    Man that's horrible
    No, it's not! It is quite good. I enjoyed it. Your 'bone blats are great and your brass blend is awesome!

    Please tell us what GPO instrumentation you used and write some more like this.

    Best regards,

    Larry A.

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    Thumbs up Re: my worst ever :)

    Buddy, I have to agree with Larry on this. You amaze me how well you can put together a piece by ear. But, worries me is the medical expense you will incur if you keep beating your ears this way!
    Those horn blasts are awesome! I loved this one for sure and added it to my collection.

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    Re: my worst ever :)

    About 10 years ago I taught music at a high school for about 4 years. On opening day I played the class a few excerpts from Peter Schickele’s "Howdy" Symphony in D major. The kids were not amused, and in fact, asked me why I would play such dreadful stuff. I then realized not only did they not have a clue, but also that I was terribly naive to think that they might see the humor in it when they had no idea of what a symphony even was. Needless to say, we had a lot of work to do in that class, and it caused me to come to grips with the truth that although I like kids, I’m certainly not a Mr. Holland.

    It's nice to here that Peter is still as creative as ever. I didn't know he had a show. Will have to see if it is streamed on the web.

    Anyway, Dan, the brass renderings were great. Thanks for doing this. It brought a little fun into what is to be a not so fun day.


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    Re: my worst ever :)

    Sean, Larry, Styxx, Karl, Neo.... thanks alot!

    I think there are so many ways to work with GPO that this may or may not make any sense but here goes, oh Karl, The WTWP Talkity Talk Radio is not a real station, it's the name of the CD. Hopefully Peter won't mind me trashing his arrangement.
    These are the "audio" tracks that I had at the end of the project....

    trumpet 1
    trumpet 2
    french 1
    french 2
    french 3
    tenor t-bone 1
    tenor t-bone 2
    tenor t-bone 3
    bass bone

    I used two sounds for each of the trumpet tracks.
    For the first trumpet track I record all the trumpet player 1 samples into an audio track titled trumpet 1, then I go back and record all the piccollo trumpet samples into the same audio track,... none of them overlap. I do the same thing for trumpet 2.

    The french horn tracks were done the same way. I need to redo the french horns I think, and the trumpets can really get on your nerves in this piece

    The trombone swooping parts each had two audio tracks recorded simultaneously, but not from the same midi channel...
    and t-bone overlay AG each having separate timing with the slide.
    During mixing "automation", the tenor t-bone would just play, and I would move the fader up on the t-bone overlay AG track with the same timing and feel as the original player.
    Using both sounds together created (in my mind) a more realistic growling slide effect. Sorry my terminology is so bad, I don't even know what it's called when a trombone "swoops" slide?

    I found that the tuba solo 1 did not go down low enough, so I had to use the contratuba and IT didn't go low enough either, so I used the "insert pitch" in Digital Performer to duplicate the notes that were on the original recording, the same feature that the slides were drawn in with.

    These are the sounds that I used...
    trumpet 1 player 1
    trumpet 2 player 2
    trumpet piccolo solo V for the melody trumpet part, and NV
    for the second "harmony" trumpet
    french horn 1 player 1
    french horn 2 player 1
    tenor t-bone player 1
    tenor t-bone player 2
    tenor t-bone player 3
    t-bone overlay AG
    bass trombone 2 solo AG
    tuba 1 solo
    TC Electronic Powercore Firewire for the reverb and EQ.
    The funniest part to me was that all these parts were played in real time, I didn't cheat and slow the tempo down


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    Re: my worst ever :)

    Er....Brass band music is one of a number of genres I enjoy....and I must say that you did a great job on this piece.....Great dynamics and extremely realistic for the vast majority of it. I think it's one of the best brass pieces I've heard yet. No BS I just love the sweeps.....is that straight portamento with volume superimposed......sounds just right....must copy that sometime!

    Great stuff!


    PS Thanks also for the helpful tutorial....I'm printing that off!

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    Re: my worst ever :)

    I LOVE Schickele. His music is so wonderful, and so saying makes me feel like even more of a nerd. I actually rehearsed a serious piece that he did for oboe and piano, but I never had the opportunity to program it. Does anyone know where I can find some sampled worms? I'd like to mockup Diverse Aires on Sundry Notions.

    DPDAN, I can't believe you did this all by ear. I am amazed. My entire head must be made of stone.

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    Re: my worst ever :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy Heern
    is that straight portamento with volume superimposed......sounds just right....must copy that sometime!
    Hi Frank, I don't ever use the portamento in the Kontakt player, although I should try to remember the days of September... OH NO, I'm starting to type like Styxx!! eee gad
    Anyway, they were just regular old notes in the midi sequence editor portion of Digital Performer that I played in with the ol' Yamaha KX88 controller keyboard. I used the pencil to draw in the pitch bends till it sounded right.
    Thanks Frank for your kind words!

    Larry, I've heard your stuff, it's great! Your ears are not made of stone. I have learned something though after picking out all this stuff by ear. When I hear a song that I would like to try to copy, I know what a waste of time huh? I listen to it and I say to myself... "self, you can do that". Then I get into the piece and hear so many more parts than I did when I was just listening casually. It's fun though, especially right after I get done recording all the sounds to audio tracks. I set reverb levels as a guess and then throw all the faders up in DP and see what it's like, WOW! it's fun! There are definately some things to fix and if I get the urge I will fixem.
    Gee, can you tell I love Digital Performer?

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