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Topic: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

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    OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Hi Guys,

    This is probably my first time shamelessly plugging my own music on these boards, but I couldn't resist, as it has been such a wonderful experience!
    It is the orchestral score for Sony's P2 game Killzone, now out worldwide .
    It was recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus and the game features around 45 minutes of music in total.
    I did my own orchestrations.
    There is an article about it on http://www.music4games.net/f_killzon...interview.html

    And I've put some more music on my webspace:







    Sorry for the spam, hope you enjoy these though!



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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Absolutely beautiful work!

    May I ask how many mics per section, also, what kind.... brand, model. I realize that the brand, and model of the mics means nothing, it's the setup and engineering that always makes the difference in the end.
    Great work! You deserve the credit... WOW!

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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Nice work!

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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Absolutely great..!


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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Thanks guys, for the kind remarks..it was my 2nd time recording with a live orchestra, and I hope to do more of it in the future.

    The mic setup was a typical recording setup as often used in filmscoring: the mics where neumanns (don't remember the types), with 2 outriggers, a decca tree and spot mics every 3 music stands for most instrument sections.
    We also had some surround mics in the back which I mixed in softly.

    I used the sydney opera hall impulse for some extra space, as the recording was done in a studio. It was quite a small space which was a bit problematic for the trumpets, since they were quite loud in comparison to the other instruments.

    We recorded 24 bit straight into protools, 32 channels in total. The choir was recorded seperately. Most pieces were recorded to a click for synchronisation.
    I mixed and edited it in Nuendo, with a final pass in Protools for some additional processing.



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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone



    Please share often.

    -- Martin

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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone


    This sounds great! Really cool writing. I have many questions for you. Would you mind telling us how many players you used in each section? Did you track everything at once? Did you double anything? What is the name of the contractor and studio that you used? How big is the studio? Is this score commercially available on its own? Did the orchestra require much rehearsal time, on average how many times was each cue played to nail it? Did you have a translator to deal with the orchestra? Did you conduct, or where did you find your conductor? Sorry for the sea of questions. I am really impressed by the quality of your work!!


    Colin O'Malley

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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Hi Colin,

    Thanks so much for your appreciation; always good to get some kuddos from your peers!
    In total it was a 92 piece orchestra and a 40 piece choir. The orchestra is the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus; they are a seasoned session orchestra and record all the music for the Silva Screen soundtrack releases.
    Strings: 16/14/12/10/8
    Brass 4/6/4/2/1 (4 trumpets, 6 horns, 4 trombones, 2 bass trombones, 1 tuba)
    Woodwinds: 2/2/2/1/1 (one flute doubling piccolo)
    1 Harp, 1 Timpani player and 4 percussionists.

    It was recored in Prague at the Smecky recording stage (yeah I know, weird name:P). The orchestra contractor is James Fitzpatrick, from Tadlow Music. Have a look at www.praguephilharmonic.org
    I used their own conductor, Adam Klemens; a very good although somewhat grumpy conductor. A translator was also needed but didn't cause any problems; most of the time we could communicate directly and just for time's sake the translator was there to speed things up.
    Everybody was really professional and very helpful, making it a joy to record there.
    On average around 4 to 5 takes per piece, with maybe 2 or 3 rehearsals before that. They nailed most of it although a few pieces were difficult, but it usually was intonation more than anything else, or lack of experience on my part.

    Everything was tracked at once apart from the choir, which we recorded on a seperate day. The studio itself is hardly top of the line, but they had good converters (apogee) and they showed me the new control room that they're finishing up which looks a lot more up to date.

    I added a bit of percussion at the editing stage, mostly from EWQLSO (gran casa's) and some custom snares. I'd say their percussion section was the weakest, as I thought their musicians in general were very, very good.

    My only complaint was the hall, which was too small for a section of this size which meant the hornplayers were very close to the wall (I had 6!) and the trumpets were far too loud in comparison to the rest.
    I once visited a recording session of Trevor Jones in Abbey Road and they had massive space between the players; here it was all quite cramped and cosy
    Also, the sound of the hall is not that great but then you can't have it all for the budget we had. In general I'm very pleased and can highly recommend them to anyone!

    Prague itself is also lovely with some amazing restaurants; life doesn't get much better when you're recording with an orchestra during the day and eating magnificent food in the evening while enjoying some fantastic culturally rich surroundings...
    The fact that the Hotel they booked for us (I was there with my copyist) is literally next to the studio meant that everything was very stressfree and relaxed.

    I'm still looking into getting the score released somehow, will keep you guys posted. It's not that easy listening though as there are around 40 small cues!

    Thanks for your interest,


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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone

    Killer stuff, Joris! (pun intended) Very nice writing and excellent orchestration. Integration between the orchestra and electronic sounds is some of the best I've heard. Did you do full mockups of any of these before the sessions? It would be very interesting to compare the before and after. Congratulations and keep it coming!

    By the way, is there an emoticon for "green with envy?"

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    Re: OT:Shameless plug: Orchestral score for Killzone


    Excellent work. Sounds wonderful, nothing, absolutely nothing beats the real thing.

    For those of us who like to dream, tell me what would it cost to hire the Prague Philharmonic and Chorus to record a 45 min album?

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