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Topic: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

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    Angry gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    gigabyte gt1000 m/board
    pentium 4 with hyperthreading enabled
    1gb ram
    terratec dmx6 fire soundcard ( multiclient asio and gsif compatible,latest drivers)
    matrox millenium g550 dual head soundcard (latest drivers)

    I'm trying to set up gigastudio 3 orchestra as a vsti in cubase sx 2 using this new vsti k-v-r fmax wrapper. So far, despite following the giga manual instructions and the instructions that came with the wrapper, I can get anything!!

    Aside from a couple of blue screens, and once giving up and switching to rewire, only to get lots of signs of inputs and outputs seeming to be working ( the input and output levels jumping when I press the keyboard, but no sound coming out), that's it....

    So - could anyone suggest an idiots step by step guide to setting gs3 up as a vsti using this wrapper - I had such high hopes.....????

    many thanks

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    Re: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    The GS3 install notes mention that Hyperthreading is not supported. For most people, this means they have to disable it. I assume you are trying to get FX-Max's "GIGA VST Adapter" to work.

    Also, I assume FX-MAX can give you some support:

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    Re: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    ah - ok - I'll try disabling hyperthreading

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    Re: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    hey thanks - I disabled hyperthreading and now it works - brill! However, I found it made a really distorted sound until I enabled dual client on the sound card - I thought this fx-max vsti wrapper was supps=osed to emulate gisf drivers so you could leave the soundcard in asio mode and get lower latency? Lateny, consequently, ain't great, but I am pleased to get it working? Any suggestons to lower latency? (new soundcard???)

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    Re: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    The FX-Max Giga-VST wrapper IS supposed to emulate a GSIF audio driver (so GS thinks real audio hardware is attached). I don't know much more about it though.

    On a different note, some people have gotten Hyperthreading to work with GS 3.03, but I read not with the Giga-VST wrapper.

    I would suggest contacting FX-max. They have a user forum.

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    Re: gigastudio vsti wrapper and cubase sx 2 ???

    many thanks for your help - I have since got it working WITH hyperthreading enabled ! The latency is a little better too. I think, from scanning around various forums, that there may be a problem with the dmx 6fire card - it's only gsif compatible, not gsif 2 - so I had a look around and there seems to be a new terratec card ( the aureon 7.1) which supports gsif2 - so I may look into that. I'll also try the wrapper forum.

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