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Topic: Importing Giga 3?

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    Question Importing Giga 3?

    Is there (or is there going to be) an Update to HALion3 to import Giga3 sets? I just downloaded the SAMS TrueStrike demo ZIP file and I did not end up with patches as other non-Giga3 imports do.

    thx in advance ... KevinKauai

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    Re: Importing Giga 3?

    Hi Kevin,

    After spending quite some time with HAL3 & GS3 & True Strike, I have unfortunately some bad news for you.

    1) SAM True Strike Pro 24 bit GIGs can't be read by
    Halion You only get noise.

    2) The GS3 editor can convert 24 bit GIGs to 16 bit.
    After this, HAL3 *can* import these, but...

    3) Things get messed up totally:
    - many samples are simply skipped
    - same samples assigned to various keys / velocities.

    4) The GS3 editor can convert / export GIGs to WAV.
    You *could* manually edit and replace in HAL3 the
    messed up imported 16 bit GIGs using these WAV
    samples. However this is a hell of a job, not to talk
    about getting Key Switches / Megatrigg settings right.


    Forget about GS3 import at this point.
    I personally don't like working with GS3, so that's for me not an option either. In Halion I get things done usually better & faster.

    Let's hope Steinberg fixes these serious GS3 import issues.

    CdXtract conversion shows exactly the same flaws, so that's unfortunately not an option either...

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    Re: Importing Giga 3?

    Any more comments regarding Giga to Halion conversion? Does Halion 3 do a better job?

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    Re: Importing Giga 3?

    It does, but like it was mentioned already, HALion 3 can´t import GS3.
    If you know someone who bought a recent Steinberg product ask him to give you the included HALion 3 Demo DVD and the Demo Code to check it out for 30 days (don´t forget to update the Demo to the latest available version before trying)


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