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Topic: Strummed and plucked?

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    Strummed and plucked?

    I recently jumped onto two different scoring projects that both require something I've never done before. The first is a western spoof animated short. The second is a psychological drama involving 6 teenagers.

    I've never incorporated guitars, bass, banjo, etc into my scores before and I want to have this element present in both. So any library recommendations for any of the following would be appreciated: acoustic guitar, acoustic and/or electric bass, banjo, and any libraries you can suggest that'll help set the western mood.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Strummed and plucked?

    Check out a possibly cheaper (as opposed to say VSL's concert guitar) option at:

    Depends on how much you want to spend. If you like Acid loops this is even cheaper still and a little more western:

    Good luck!
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    Re: Strummed and plucked?

    Have a long listen to Real Guitar from Music Labs:


    There's a couple of great video demos which give you an insight into how the thing works. I think it's a brilliant idea which gives you a lot of control over your strumming - as opposed to finding a library of exactly the right styles to write your pieces around.

    The other option is Virtual Guitarist, which is way more flexible than Acid stuff, but not as flexible as RG (patterns tend to be pre-played.). It comes in a few flavours:


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    Re: Strummed and plucked?

    Also, don't be opposed to the concept of actual players- net your stuff out here and we'll track some good pickin' on it for prices that'll make the big city folk's heads spin around Quite probably less than a lib...

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