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Topic: Holiday CD Correction

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    Holiday CD Correction

    Hi All

    I just need to clear this up: I wasn't aware that the "Joy to the world" piece that I posted here was going to be in the Holiday CD. I have no problem with that and I'm very pleased that it is, but the I wasn't the composer of that particular arrangement. It states there I'm the arranger, which I'm not, I merely used Michael Starke's arrangement, with his permission and blessings, and put GPO to work. So I would just like everyone to be aware of that.



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    Re: Holiday CD Correction


    I applaud your honesty and sense of honor. A lot of people offer MIDI files on the Internet in the spirit of sharing, so that we can use them as a starting point for our own work. However, we often get so busy that we forget details such as crediting the original MIDI arrangers. I think that most often, this is an honest mistake of ommission. 21st century life is a busy life. Nonetheless, I'm sure the credit is appreciated by the people who offer these files. I know I'd appreciate it.

    I think your acknowledgement is in excellent form, and I encourage all who use existing MIDI files in their work to remember to do the same. Copyright laws aside (and they do apply, folks), musicians should be family. It's just a matter of benevolence and respect to our brothers and sisters who help us out.

    But of course, your post is consistent with the ethics and good nature I find everywhere in this community. That's what makes me want to do what I can to help you guys!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Holiday CD Correction


    Just FYI, I changed it on the page from Arraged by to Produced by. I can add a tag somewhere to it also crediting the original arranger for the song if you like.

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    Re: Holiday CD Correction

    Thanks Joseph!! I was worried there for a moment... first time ever I used someone else's arrangement for a GPO mockup and this happens... I never even expected that piece on the Holiday CD. I was merrily downloading and listening one after another when I came to the one I did, and what a shock to see my name as arranger! Thanks for changing that. You could place Michael Starke's name in the file tag, if it's not too much trouble. I'm sure he will appreciate it.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Holiday CD Correction

    Will do.

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    Since we're discussing the arranging thing..... I didn't do any of my material, I paid a professional to do it, I am so embarrased,
    just kidding. But actually, some of my "The First Noel" was copied from David Foster's Christmas CD. When I say copied, I mean transcribed by ear. Technically speaking/singing, there are differences, and the notes are not all correct. Also, even though the original arrangement of "I Heard The Bells" was for vocals only, I used that song to come up with my orchestral arrangement which was liked very much by the original arranger David Maddux. I was very concerned when I saw "arranged by". I didn't want to hurt his feelings or discredit him. I think "Produced By" is much more applicable.
    I listened to the original master last night at 2 am in total silence, at a little lower volume than normal, there's a lot of great sounds on there! Thank you Gary Garritan!!!

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    Re: Holiday CD Correction

    So how am I to take this? Change all of it or just yours Dan? Let me know so I can do all the changes at once. I don't want to have to do this multiple times this evening.

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