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Topic: RMX = CPU Hog?

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    Unhappy RMX = CPU Hog?

    hi rmx user,
    first i want to say that the new Stylus RMX really amazes me and it's fun to work with...but...
    it seems as if it's killing my CPU (1,8 P4) very soon and that one needs at least a 3GHz P4 Processor to get to a functional multi timbral setup which plays more than 4 slots with some EFX and groups enabled. E.g i did an arrangement in Cubase SX3 in which RMX plays 5 parts with a reverb two or three comps and a little filtering. That brings my CPU meter 50% up. Everytime i stop the song the CPU is totally blocked for a while. A similar setup needs e.g. only 15% CPU usage with Reason. Is this normal?
    I have no problems with any other VSTi.
    Has anyone the same experience?

    Regards, stw

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    oh, after searching the forum i found that this issue was already adressed in another thread. I'm going to try the denormal thing now. Argl damn forum newbies

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    Unhappy Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    Het there. I just got RMX yesterday and totally amazed. CPU hog you say?, Yessssssss, drivin me nuts. This product is kinda ahead of its time. I don't even if and update for the CPU usage could be done. Anything is possible though. Just opening it uses 9% of my CPU. Man oh Man

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    Quote Originally Posted by stw
    I'm going to try the denormal thing now.
    Can you tell me what the denormal thing is and how to fix it. I'm having similar problems, and wonder if there is a cure..

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    ditto on 'denormal' - what is this?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Unhappy Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Elliott
    ditto on 'denormal' - what is this?

    i got that from another thread here where Eric called it "denorm". I hope i didn't misunterstand that. Someone may correct me if i did! The denormal issue came up (for many users) with "The Grand" from Steinberg. In a nutshell: It causes the CPU to be blocked with heavy calculating very low signals mostly at the release of samples or sometimes if nothing noticeable is played at all. It could help to add some unhearable noise to the audio bus simply to shift the level. I got a free VSTi which is called "Normalizer synth" which could do that.
    Anyway it didn't help at all in this case. So i'll contact the Spectrasonics support as well. After some more testing i fear my first impression was right. The RMX engine really needs that power to run. Mainly the FX take a lot of it. E.g. a "Tape Slammer" needs 10% of my CPU an "EZ-Verb" 7-8%. Simply activating a power filter in a slot raises the CPU usage 3-4%. That means if you have some grouping with only one effect/filter etc. inserted and e.g. a verb and a delay in the master you run out of power really fast.
    For me that means to learn to use RMX in a very economic way and strictly pay attention for unnecessairy power consumption. Unfortunatly that makes RMX much less atractive than it was before.

    Regrads, stw

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    digitalfishphones has a free plugin (Normalizer) that is designed to solve the problem. (And they also have lots of other fine free plugs as well)!

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    Quote Originally Posted by XanaX
    digitalfishphones has a free plugin (Normalizer) that is designed to solve the problem. (And they also have lots of other fine free plugs as well)!
    However, the digitalfishphones plug does not help VSTi's with this problem.
    at least in our tests.....
    the original stylus did have this issue.


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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    With SX 3.0 there is a workaround for this. The new freeze functions actually works well. It will freeze this VSTi and ALSO unload it's ram usuage. I have been laying down my rythm tracks as much as I can and then freezing.

    Super easy to go back and infreeze and fix/change anything later on.

    This single new and improved feature has had SX 3.0 worth it (some new/old bugs but an update patch should be out any day now.)

    RMX is a CPU hog but still the most innovative plug I have seen - so fast to laying down percussion/drum tracks.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: RMX = CPU Hog?

    OK ppl, so what are saying here?. We have this awesome piece of software that limits up to utilizing it's features due to it's CPU hunger?. I loaded up a 4 loop multi I made, and my cpu hit 60%. I am not bashing here. Just a little disappointed it's seems that we all need 2 computers these days to run software of this time and age. Even the most tweaked systems with lots of Ram and a quick FSB still get's broughten down to it's knee's.

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