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Topic: Questions on my computer sound interface!

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    Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Here's a question for anyone that can answer it.

    Ok, so soon I'll be getting a MOTU 828mk II (within a month). I have two computers right now, one with an Audiophile 2496, and the other, a 1010LT soundcard (main rig). From my understanding, isn't the MOTU unit like a big external soundcard? It has pretty much everything my 1010LT does, and connects through a Firewire interface. Would I be better off selling my 1010LT, considering that is a LOT of wires in the back, and can tend to suck a lot more system resources than the MOTU? Is this a wise decision, or would I run into problems later down the road? Also, if that is a the case, what would you recommend I do with my 2nd computer with the Audiophile? I use programs like Sonar 3 PE, QLSO Gold, Gigastudio, and do occasional live recording as well. My head is spinning over these factors. Thanks!


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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Imho, this is a much better card, with better AD/DA converters.

    And its less money than the Motu. As far as i know, RME is where
    its at. Super low to no latency at all.


    Most if not all of the people i know locally, who play alot of
    samples, in addition to lots of tracking, have a Multiface.

    I'm currently saving for one. That and another 'puter.


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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Let me add this. I am required to get the MOTU 828mk II. So work with me.

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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Audio interfaces come in a number of "interface types" -- PCI card, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and Firewire. The differences between these types are normally the maximum number of simultaneous inputs the device can support and/or sample rates. PCI cards can support the most, followed by Firewire/USB 2.0, followed by USB 1.1.

    I am not sure about your statement of the LT "sucking more system resources".

    The market for pro audio interfaces seems fairly competitive, so I think the general rule "you get what you pay for" stands.

    M-Audio (you Delta), MOTU, and RME all make good products.

    The MOTU Firewire interfaces ARE very popular. I have a MOTU PCI-424 card and 2408mk3 "breakout box" which works very well.

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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Are you saying I could sell my 1010LT and use the MOTU? I think I could get maybe $250 for the card and use it towards another LCD or something.

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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!


    I have a MOTU 828 MK2.

    1. Yes, it has all the nice features using FIREWIRE. Be sure you have it dedicated to its own BUS to use the whole bandwidth.

    2. I purchased mine in January 2004, and had to replace it in February 2004 because of popping & clicking issues... Got a new one and it too seems to pop/click but not as often as the original one.

    If you have to work with it, so be it... but I have now learnt that If I had the options, I would go for the new RME firewire adio interface, or if that was too expensive, look at getting the DIGI002R.

    I'll be taking the MOTU 828 to a friends place to see if it pops at his place as I'm thinking its either the MOTU or my home's electrical set-up, as its a new house... (If you like I can let you know what happens).

    I get these pops when my Mac G4 is off, so its definitely not my MAC... so its either the MOTU or a drop/spike in the wiring (or something like that!).

    PS: Love your compositions on your web site. Great cinematic themes/feel !!

    Regards, Max.

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    Re: Questions on my computer sound interface!

    Hi Max,

    I've had an 828MK2 since July. It's been working flawlessly with my Mac Powerbook G4 ever since I got it. Is it potentially a clocking problem? The only other thing that I can think of now would be buffer settings that are too low.

    Although if you're running lots of different audio channels in/out of the 828 you may not want to do this, I have a FW hard drive connected on the same FW bus as the 828 and do not have problems. I'm using mostly only 8 audio channels (not tracks) on the 828 though.

    @Jared: Do not use ADAT cables to carry clock signal to/from the 828. The ADAT spec does not specify clock to be part of the signal so you'll pops/clicks or even dropouts (that happened to me before I realized this). You'll want to use s/pdif or the wordclock i/o on the 828 to carry clock.


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