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Topic: Powerbook byebye... and now???

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    Powerbook byebye... and now???

    Hi there!

    I'm going to sell my beloved Notebook soon, and now I need your help with choosing new components of my next desktop system!
    I'm a composer working with lots of samples (I've bought the EWQLSO Gold, too), and I already know that a fast (and only to samples dedicated)harddrive and tons of RAM are very important.
    So I plan to buy 2 Gigs of RAM or even more, and 2 (or better 3??) harddrives: One only for system (Win XP), second for samples and third for ..... mh, we'll see! (By the way: WHat about the 'Raptor' of WD?)

    I've already a soundcard (Tascam US 428) wihich is working very well.
    Oh, and I can pay around 2.200 Dollars.

    So, the probably most important questions are:
    What kind of processor? (AMD or INTEL? And which one does work fast enough?)

    And which motherboard? I don't know anything about that topic...

    So, thank you very much!


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    Re: Powerbook byebye... and now???

    Perhaps others will reply, but you can also do a search in the GigaStudio forum. Any computer that is setup for GS3 can run anything else.

    I would also suggest looking at the "music computer" vendors. Even if you don't buy from them, you can see what components they are using.

    For example, you can use the "customize" option at Vision DAW to see what they sell:




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    Re: Powerbook byebye... and now???

    Thanks Martin!

    I did a search at several forums now and I decided to go with one of AMD's new 64 bit CPUs.
    I'm still not sure if I should either buy a 3200+ (939 socket) or a 3400+.

    And although I've read a lot about that topic I'm don't really know which motherboard(s) would work best with these CPUs.


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