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Topic: affordable string collection

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    affordable string collection

    Hi - yes sorry I tried to search but just too much came up so apologise if it's right in front of my nose.

    I'm looking for a comprehensive (ensemble) string library, preferably in EXS24 and 24 bits format. the VSL Horizon Chamber strings looks appetizing but well at roughly 2x the price of EWQL Gold in the group buy that is a bit steep... are there any other options?

    This is for non solo, non classical based work, limited to arrangements so I'm not particularly worried about ultimate realism but there are a lot of unpolished stuff out there that I'm worried to make a pick... I'm open to suggestion, however I'd like to stay away from the Kontakt nks format.

    Has anyone experience with the Garritan 3-CD string collection (lite). 2Gb of strings should be plenty enough for my usage but is it easily converted to EXS24 or mangled adequately by Mach V?

    thanks for your time.


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    Re: affordable string collection

    Check out Session Strings. Great value at $86.40 and available for EXS24. There are some mp3 snippets here:



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