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Topic: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

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    OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    Just thought I would give you all a heads up. These motherboards are horrible. With only 1.5GB of RAM and 2 HDDs this thing has been giving me hell. I can't restart my system without turning it off (otherwise my primary HDD won't be found), it is really unstable with alot of my hardware, for some reason none of the LED pins do what they are supposed to and don't even think about using Win98 with more than 512MBs RAM (otherwise it crashes [even though Win98 has a 2GB limit with the proper editing via system.ini]) for all you Giga 2.5 users.

    I think the worst thing is the Tech support though. I have been working on / building my own computers for the last 12 years and those people where treating me like I was an idiot. It's also always a long distance call for Tech support and the waiting time is enough to drive you crazy. In any case, they don't even know how to get it working.

    In a discussion with another (nice) computer tech, he told me that the Sis chipsets are crap, and that was probably my problem.

    Anyhow, these are probably fine for a normal user but when it comes to audio / composing expect alot of problems. If you are building a new system, stay away from these, and if you want to be sure, stay away from Sis chipsets and go with Via or something.

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I've had very good luck building systems with Gigabyte mobos, but can't comment on their tech support. This may be more of a chipset issue as I have also heard of compatibility problems with Sis and Via chipsets. I would also never want to set up a system with current hardware on Win 98.

    Hope you get the problems sorted out, though.

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    James, sorry to hear about your troubles. It's weird, my bad experiences came with VIA chipsets. I had audio popping/clicking probs. Now I have an nForce based motherboard, and have no problems at all.

    You might have a lemon. Gigabyte definitely isn't known for bad quality boards. On that note, I usually buy EPoX or ASUS boards, though EPoX seems to have a few probs that have made me a little bit wary. I only went with EPoX because a) it was a budget board, and I was on a budget at the time, and b) the particular board I have had glowing reviews. It's not bad, but the first one I got was defective (that whole capacitor problem where they buy cheapo capacitors from who-knows-which-country and the caps burst and start leaking fluid). Thankfully I noticed it before it blew out the board, and RMA'd it for a replacement. I must say, though, EPoX tech support is incredible. I'm really impressed. ASUS tech support isn't too bad if I recall correctly, but EPoX is great--it has a complete support ticket system on their site, and they are very responsive and helpful.

    I will probably stick with EPoX, if anything because of their great tech support.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I have a gigabyte board that is about 1.3 years old and I must say that it has been the biggest pain. I could have done something to it, but everything in it is going whack! Mostly it doesnt recognize more than 1.5 gigs of ram, which it supports, it will not support my AGP slot, and numerous other things.


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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I have a Gigabyte with VIA chipset (ga-7vaxp), in the beggining i had some troubles with the AGP slot but as soon as i updated the firmware everything went alright

    There's a very friendly app to update the firmware when in Windows and connected to internet, @bios i think it was called, checks automatically the version of your firmware and downloads and install a newer one if it exists

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I've had a Giga-byte MB for 1½ years now, it has given me a few moderate problems that I thought of as wierd. I guess there are better Mobos, but there should be worse as well.
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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I've had horrible motherboards from all of the familiar mobo companies over the years. But also have had great boards from the same builders. So I never take for granted that just because the product is from a particular manufacturer that it's going to be a reliable platform to run a system.

    A nice surprise for me is that Abit mobos I've bought recently have been really nice and stable. I've had an IS7 for my main machine that's been just great for the past year or so. And built a "super gaming rig" a while back for someone with an AV8 that's been running fast and beautiful since. Not all that long ago I never would have considered using Abit for a mission critical (music) rig. Now I take them as serious as Asus etc.

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    There is a reason why brand name mobos cost more. Because they are better manufactured and generally reliable than the others.

    I have built numerous computers with Asus mobos and have NEVER had a problem with amy of them. They are all functioning fine years later.

    For the extra piece of mind, I pay the little extra cost, rather than going with the budget board


    Ben Horwood

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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards


    Sorry to hear about your problems. I am actually very fond of the Gigabyte board that I put together a few months ago. This system has been a very fast and stable one. I originally built it as a test system, but am now using it for my own musical enjoyment. Although the USB part on this board would not recognize the Steinberg dongle- key, I just put in a PCI USB2.0 and its great. The system is running under heavy load and is rock stable> Other contenders for a faulty system could be Chipset, RAM, Soundcard compatibility, Powersupply, PCI slots, IRQ's, just to touch on the basics. As a system builder almost all cases I build amongst well know motherboards, however this NForce 3 is a great buy. I would have stayed away from SIS as well, however after my experiences, it is also about compatibility and you might find someone using a SIS with their particular setup without issues.

    I am running a Gigabyte board Nforce 3- Athlon 64 based however.


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    Re: OT: Warning - Gigabyte Motherboards

    I've also built quite a few systems with ASUS boards and all are still up and running. My sisters using one still with Pentium processor - 166 MHz processor to this day.

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