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Topic: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

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    Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    For years now, I've been using an old squeaky (literally) Ensoniq TS-12 as my MIDI controller. It's damn heavy, some of the keys squeak, it has no knobs or dials, nothing that can send MIDI CC signals..just pitch bend and mod. I'm looking to ditch this thing and buy a keyboard more suitable for working with Giga and other sampler engines.

    Requirements: If it could be lighter than this TS-12, that would be good, but not a requirement since it's not like I'm moving my keyboard around every week. Weighted keys...hmm.. this is a tough one. I believe my TS-12 is semi-weighted, and I like it. Sometimes the semi-weight can lead to finger fatigue depending on what I'm playing, but it feels more solid. The unweighted synth-type keys I'm not to keen on, and I find it more difficult to achieve softer keypresses on them. If anyone has some decent arguments in favor of semi-weighted AND in favor of unweighted, I'd like to hear them.

    Other than that, it would be nice if it had wheels out the wazoo. I like the action of wheels compared to faders and sticks. I find that the wheels have a much higher precision and aren't as touchy, but knobs and faders are OK too.

    Any recommendations, based on all this info? Oh, I almost forgot.. 88-key is out of the question. I live in a pretty cramped space, so 76-key is the max I can deal with at this point in time.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Is there any advantage to a USB controller vs. a standard MIDI one? I don't care either way, whichever is more reliable and effective.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    take a look at the Remote 61 shown at Sweetwater.com.

    semi-weighted synth keys with buttons, knobs, faders, joy-stick and touchpad.

    the fatar tmk-88 is very light weight....long but not wide.

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    Fatar? Heh...

    The Remote 61 looks OK. A bit pricey. I can get the M-Audio Evolution 61-key controller for a lot less, and I think it might be a better product, judging by its features.

    I'm seeing a trend: no 76-key MIDI controllers. 88, 61, and lower. I wonder why this is. Do any 61-key controller owners here find any problem working with just 61 keys (assuming orchestral/electronica composition..not so much emphasis on piano work).
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    Have you looked at the new M-Audio non-hammer action 88 key controller for $299?

    It's hard to resist, especially if they adjusted the velocity curve accordingly!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    No can do, man.. 88 keys is out of the question. I want to have a path available to get out of my bed in the morning and not be blocked by my keyboard. My bedroom is 10'x10'. Right now my keyboard is at an angle. I'm going to set it against one wall, which will give me more room, but that freed-up space will be used to move in a chest of drawers to put my stuff in. I moved into my new place in October, and I still have stuff in boxes due to lack of surface space and storage space.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    How about:

    Kurzweil PC2?
    - nice onboard sounds
    - 76 semi-weighted keys

    Evolution MK-461C
    - tons of controllers

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    There's always the (slightly overpriced) Roland A-37. Sort of synth action with one data slider and that stupid paddle but it's 76 keys!

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    I'm liking the MK-461C a lot. Hmm... I could get used to 61 unweighted keys... heck, my Roland XP-80 I sold was unweighted.

    Here it is at a really nice price:
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller

    Since Ive been in the same boat recently let me give you my current pick:
    Edirol PCR-80 61 keys
    After all my research it seems its better quality than the Evolution 61 keys. On thing that I found odd is that I called all online companies I could find asking for a recommendation between 5 keyboards in the same price range and everyone told me to go with a FATAR. The SL161 was my choice since it has aftertouch wich the edirol nor the evolution has.

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    Re: Time to get a REAL keyboard MIDI controller


    Thanks for the tip. I checked out the Edirol and it has one glaring problem:

    "Bender/Modulation Lever"

    I used to own a Roland XP-80 which also had a modulation stick/lever. It's a pain to use.. you just can't get the precision that a wheel can do. I find the levers difficult to move gradually like you can with the wheel.

    I'm still leaning towards the Evolution 61-key controller. I'm just wondering if I'll miss out on the 15 keys I'll be losing. I don't have many samples that use the full keyboard, with the exception of my piano samples. I don't do much solo piano work, but if I did, it would be a serious challenge on a 61-key device.
    Sam Hulick

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