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Topic: Can you help me on this?

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    Exclamation Can you help me on this?

    Hi, my name is Francois Jolin. I got a weird request. I am doing music for an animation, and the producers want old videogames style music. I would be really pleased if someone could help me on this.

    I need old low-res cheap sound. One thing, with today great sounding library it's hard to find cheap sound like the old days. It can be even hard to remember how it really sound like.

    My first thought was to try to use midi sounds so it would sound older. But with today soundcard the midisounds are much better than before.

    Is there a vst, program, tracker or midi bank that can do this? (hopefully free)
    Or is there any techniques to get that sound from midi sounds?

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    Re: Can you help me on this?

    try a simple synth - in logic like the es1, and then use bitcrusher or something like that to reduce the bit depth. Most of the old video games were 8 bit I believe.

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    Re: Can you help me on this?

    Tweakbench have made a couple of VSTi:s that could be useful. They’re called Peach and Triforce, they’re freeware and can be found at www.tweakbench.com

    There’s also the Retro-GS01 and Retro-GS02 from www.simple-media.co.uk . They’re not free but not very expensive (you can get both for £12.50).

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Can you help me on this?

    Wow thanks for the quick responses. I've just downloaded Tweakbench's programs, seem right what I was looking for.

    Thanks for your advices. The 8 bit crusher is a good thing too if i don't find all the sounds I need.


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    Re: Can you help me on this?

    Here is a link that might be useful -- Video Game Music Archive


    These are all midi files (not sounds), but they have nearly every video game that ever existed.

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    Re: Can you help me on this?

    Great, thank you very much. It will surely help. Been a while that I listened to old videogames music, sweet memories!

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