Hello everybody!

ITs My right here and i'm a music producer (urban and Pop music producer) and i've produced 2 years ago a soundtrackt for a movie Nominee at Cannes Festival (canadian movie) and since that experience, i really loved it that i continue write music soundtrack. And early of last year I met this Bew York lady filmmaker and we connect right away. Anwyays, allt hat to say that i'm now into this beautifull adventure and this one that i',m woring right now is very different then the first one because the first i did compose the music and mix them then I gave them the soundtrack and they place it.

- This one I already send snipet of THEMES for the movie and the filmmaker loves them all. But now she is gonna send me a dvd in Data for me to be able to load it in Nuendo because i did the soundtrack all in Neundo. So i would love to get more advices about how you guyz proceed.

- When you recieve a footage of the movie .. what do you do? Ofr course in my case i already have the Themes chosen and i was able to wrote them because she send me the script before the movie was shoot. So i worked on. Can someon really give mne god avice and the step on how to approach it.

- Also When you guyz compose the songs for the or soundtrack.. I mena if you,load the movie in Neundo, do you follow a certain tempo while composing? I mena how does it really work? What do i need to make sure at the end i'll deliver the project?

Hope you guyz understand me and wish to get so,me good advice. Thank you so much

Truly and happy holidays