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Topic: What is G.A.N.G?

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    What is G.A.N.G?

    Im assuming its some kind of association. What are its benefits and reason to join? How can it help breaking into the industry or hone your skills as a composer producer? Im from Canada so i havent heard of it. im familiar with the GDC and Gamasutra site.

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    Re: What is G.A.N.G?

    The site has plenty of info on what it does;


    Basically its a guild for sound designers and composers, a good place to chat to experienced audio guys and get info on platform issues, audio implementation etc.

    G.A.N.G also has frequent offers for members to purchase music software and other things at discounted prices.
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    Re: What is G.A.N.G?

    It's sad that their forums are so dead.... I asked the "points" question there aswell. No answers - yet here there was 8 replies or something.

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    Re: What is G.A.N.G?

    That's the main reason I left GANG....

    The forum ended up being a place for students to ask for critiques of their work.

    When if came down to asking a serious PS2 or XBOX question, you hardly ever got a reply.

    I find the VGM email list to be the best 'forum' for help and advise... and you HAVE to be working in the industry to get access to that.. Failing that, there's the Game Audio Pro list on yahoo.

    As for the GANG special offers. They did a great 50% deal on all NI software in around Nov. 2003... and less than 6 months later, NI released Komplete 2 to the world - which was even cheaper...

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    Re: What is G.A.N.G?

    I've been a member for a couple of years now.. but i have to be honest and say it does nothing for me as a european member.. it just means i can use the GANG logo on my site ..

    all the benefits/talks/meet ups are aimed at our US cousins..

    i've asked one of the organisers what they plan to do in the future..

    but nothing has changed..

    a shame really, because the game world is thriving outside the US too

    my advice would be to find an organisation in your respective country.. get to meet the people in your locality

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