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Topic: Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

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    Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

    Anyone else tried this effect? I'm just using the demo, but it sounds great: gives you four speakers. Try the "enveloping studio" preset, and also try moving the side speakers so they're just slightly behind the ears (at about 92 degrees) on the head in the diagram, and then lean down towards and close to the keyboard.

    (I think this is something I've just realized I've been missing--the way the keyboard sounds when you lean down on it like that when you're concentrating and listening. Which means that, yes, the sound comes from above your head, and if you lean far enough forward, slightly from behind. Nice sound, in any case.)

    In any event, the effect sounds even better if you add a little delayed lpf with resonance and an lfo on a slow cycle. Nice stuff.

    Note: Leaning too far forward towards a piano or keyboard may cause unexpected gravitational effects.

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    Re: Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

    This looks like something I have been looking for myself. I will download the demo later and try it. But from what you've seen so far, how is the CPU usage? I imagine it would be quite high.


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    Re: Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

    Yeah, I get a few pops, but I have an older system---512 megs of RAM,
    600 mhz. I imagine it would be fine with a modern system.

    Both the reverb and surround sound are good. You may want to to reduce the room size with the settings I suggested.

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    Re: Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

    is this a surround simulation or do you need all 5 speakers for this to work?



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    Re: Wow--the WaveArts Wave Surround vst effect

    I've just used it as a simulation with headphones. I don't know what happens if you actually have four speakers. In any case, the demo is free and works for 30 days:


    I haven't listened much to other 3D simulations, but this sounds good to me--for piano, at least. Great for any sympathetic resonance samples\simulations\pedal down samples with a lot of harmonic content--emulates one's experience at the piano, where the harmonics seem to come from everywhere. Also seems to give soft layers a little more presence. In fact I had to tweak my velocity response a bit so they had less volume. A low pass filter on the soft layers gave good results, too.

    Try using the Smooth filtering, too. I also want to hear how it sounds with PianoVerb, but this will make me want to play all day, I suspect, so I'm putting it off.

    I don't have Giga 3, so I have no idea what it would sound like with convolved samples and Rewire. Probably would take up a lot of memory. Might be very good.

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