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    I have a Dell Dimension 4600 that is about 8 months old.
    I bought it to use with Garritan Personal Orchestra as a stand alone.
    I purchased and installed an RME HDSP 9652 soundcard and the system is working beautifully. I also purchased and installed Steinberg's V-STack so I could use multiple instances of the Kontakt player that came with Garritan's GPO library.
    I am purchasing GS3 this week, and want to know if the following systems specs are acceptable.
    I use a MAC G4 dual 1ghz machine with 2 gigs of ram for Digital Performer 4.5, with a MOTU 828 MKII connected via firewire. The sounds from the Giga PC will run into my Moto 828MKII audio interface via ADAT outputs for recording to audio tracks in DP just like I have been doing with GPO. I am pretty sure that I understand I will not be able to run GS and GPO's kontakt player at the same time. Hopefully there will not be any problems with GPO, V-STack and GS3 all on the same drive. For now I am going to stick with just the one hard drive and will later get a second larger one for sample libraries, at least I think that's how it would be done.
    All the trouble that folks appear to have with GS scared me away about a year ago, but I have spoken with too many people that love it.

    I greatly appreciate any time from you folks to help this GS3 newbie!
    Thanks everyone!
    Oh yea, Merry Christmas!

    These are the specs...
    Intel Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz
    chipset... 865PE
    buss speed... PCI: 33 Mhz
    1 gig DDR SDRAM
    video... AGP8X
    audio... RME HDSP 9652
    power supply... 250 watts
    HD... ST380011A
    hyper threading disabled
    I am also going to have to buy a DVD drive, any recommendations there?

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    Generally, the system looks fine. I don't know about compatibility issues because my V-Stack machine is separate from my Giga machine.

    You will want that second drive for samples.

    Backup your system before adding any new app. That way if something goes astray, you can get back to a working config.


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    Thanks Gamera, the only programs I have on the system is Photoshop, GPO and V-STack. I only have an 80 gig HD, and it still has over 65 gig available. Thanks for answering, I was beginning to think nobody wanted to take the time and you did, I appreciate that.
    Are you saying I should have a second HD for the samples? Is that a pretty common thing with Giga users because the tendancy is to buy gobs of libraries?
    If so, what do you recommend, brand, model, size etc.

    BTW, I bought an internal Pioneer DVD recorder/player, installed it and it works great!

    Thanks alot Gamera!

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    I agree, get a second disk, you'll need it. At least 80 gigabytes, for sample size and working data and speed. I'm very fond of the Seagate 120 Gigabyte disks (actually I accidentally bought 4 of them instead of 2, so I'm overflowing with them). ST31200022A, fast enough and very quiet. The SATA 10,000 RPM, 74Gb, WD Raptor I bought is only a little faster and a LOT louder, so it was a real disappointment

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    The drive access time alluded to by gugliel is one main reason for the second drive. You don't want Windows trying to access system stuff, while a sampler (or DAW) is trying to access audio, from the same drive. Performance/polyphony will suffer.

    Also, having a de-fragged drive for audio/samples is a good way to keep performance up. Windows and non-audio apps will make a mess of a drive with fragmented files. My sample drives get set up once & de-fragged once, then left alone.

    Finally, sample libraries just keep getting bigger & bigger. You'll fill up 80GB in no time. I started with two 80GB drives and now have those plus another 80, a 120 and a 60... and I'm thinking about getting another couple 120s. I treat my Giga machine like a server - just adding drives as needed.


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    Thanks Gugliel and Gamera, I sure do appreciate the advice. I guess my next question is this,...
    how complicated is the setup for a second drive? I assume installing it physically is no more of a challenge than installing the DVD-RW that I just did last week?
    Thanks very much folks!
    What brand and model HD would you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    I assume installing it physically is no more of a challenge than installing the DVD-RW that I just did last week?
    Basically. If your existing hard drive and DVD drive are on the same cable, chances are you motherboard has another IDE connector waiting for another drive (or two). If your DVD drive is on that second port, put it on the same cable/port as your existing drive. Just pay attention to the Master/Slave jumpers on both drives when connecting them to the same port.

    You'll get a lot of opinions on drive brands. I have both IBM and Maxtor, both seem fine.


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    Gamera how can I thank you?
    I plan to purchase some type of 120 GB HD real soon.
    The Dell manual recommends that a newly added DVD drive should be connected to the same cable as the CD drive, which I did, and it works great. The Dell manual instructs that the jumper be set to CS (cable select)
    on the newly added DVD drive. I currently have one HD, one CD-RW and one DVD-RW.
    I just looked inside the Dell and the existing HD has another connector on the same ribbon cable that looks like it is waiting for a second HD. There are very good directions for adding a second HD in the Dell manual. I am assuming that you would want me to follow those directions. I have changed from the way I used to be, I have learned that it's impossible to expect something to work right without reading the manual first and following it's directions.
    Thanks again Gamera,

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    How is vstack for you, dpdan? My recent purchase of ewqlso gold and its kompakt player leave me needing some way to get enough instruments loaded to be useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gugliel
    How is vstack for you, dpdan? My recent purchase of ewqlso gold and its kompakt player leave me needing some way to get enough instruments loaded to be useful.
    Hi Gugliel, I found myself in a very similar position with GPO when I got it. I use V-STack with GPO, and the reason is because I use GPO in the Dell PC as stand alone. The Dell feeds sounds into Digital Performer (Mac) via the RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 soundcard via ADAT lightpipe. Without V-STack, I only had the ability to use one instance of Kontakt player. Originally, I thought I could use GPO Studio with eight instances, but it does not have any provisions for midi channels from an outside source. Trond was the one that got me going with it, and it does work quite nice. Super cheap too for all it does!

    I haven't seen you on the GPO forum lately.
    Merry Christmas Gugliel!, you too Gamera

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