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Topic: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

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    "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Hi together,

    i would like to share this with you.
    finally the trailer is online for "Kampfansage - the last apprentice".
    in collaboration with composer marco jovic from berlin i did the music for this martial arts endtime movie.
    to be really picky, on this trailer i did the music from 1:03 until the end.
    the orchestra is completely ewqlso gold and stormdrum.

    download the trailer here:

    with english subtitles:

    or download high quality without subtitles:

    for more info, visit http://www.kampfansage.com


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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Very cool. You did a great job.

    -- Martin

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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Hey Alex,

    A very well done job! Congratulations!

    I just had a discussion today with some people for a no-budget film we'll be doing. After all talks, your music is now the second argrument today that Stormdrums is a definite "must-have" library

    We really need a group buy action for that... as I just spend my last dimes on EWQLSO Gold...

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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Excellent stuff! And the movie looks really good also. I hope it does well for you guys.


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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Hi Alex,

    you know that I really like your work. You did a great job. Wow.


    "Time is the best teacher. But unfortunately she kills all her students ..." - Terry Pratchett


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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    excellent. Especially the 5 seconds up to where the guy gets a cut in his arm. It fits perfectly. How long did it take to do?

    oh, and waywyn....don't you ever check your pm

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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    hi and thanks for your comments, i always appreciate that.

    yeh, all i can say, in the meantime, stormdrum became an absolutely must-have library. so group buy would be of course cool

    @mosquito: sorry, about that, i thought i already answered you. i will do that later

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    Thumbs up Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    On StormDrums:
    Now is a great moment to order it, using the Holiday discount offer!
    For Europeans the price is now only 211 euro, including shipping!

    I just ordered it and can't wait to beat the hell out of it

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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    I love the Juno Reactor/Don Davis Sound that you got....great job.

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    Re: "Kampfansage - the last apprentice" - Trailer

    Wow, the visuals, the music and the fighting look terrific. But as soon as they open their mouth.... sorry, that´s school theater. If you really want to bring this film into cinema I strongly advise to dub the actors. It would improve a LOT!
    Maybe try it on the trailer first, you will notice immediatly how much more "expensive" it will be percieved.

    Respekt, echt.
    - Mathis

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